Alps-Adriatic Working Community

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Delovna skupnost Alpe-Jadran

Peter Kaiser, President 2013-2014 (Governor of Carinthia)

As the Alps-Adriatic Working Community has recently not been engaged in the field of arts and culture, we have put the article into depot. See below the archival article.

Archival article

By signing a Joint Declaration in Venice in November 1978, representatives of provinces, regions, and republics confirmed the establishment of the Alps-Adriatic Working Community. Today the community comprises Burgenland, Carinthia, Styria (AT); Croatia; Slovenia; and Vas (HU). Slovenia and Croatia, which have not yet established regions, participate at the state level, while other members are individual regions and provinces.

The aim of the Alps-Adriatic Alliance is to address areas of common interest and coordinate cooperation at the expert level. The alliance deals in particular with the following areas: agriculture, forestry, economy, tourism, environmental protection, cultural relations, and regional planning and cooperation in the fields of sport, health care, and youth. The Republic of Slovenia participates in all working bodies of the Working Community, and co-chairs the Project Group on Sports (with a representative from the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia).

Members of the Alps-Adriatic Alliance also cooperate in the Alps-Adriatic Public Libraries and Alps Adriatic Cultural Network projects involving vocational training institutions, universities, museums, theatres, and cultural institutions of a wide-ranging nature.

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