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Sašo Benko

Bekko is not active any more.

Archival article

From the endless productivity of Prekmurje's musicians arose Bekko, a melodic trio with a scent of indie-rock softness and post-rock wideness. Bekko are Sašo Benko on guitar, ukulele and vocals, Ivor Knafelj on drums and Jernej Koren on bass. Due to the fact that the members take part in various other musical groups (Ludovik Material, Stekli psi, Werefox, ŠKM Banda, Plueg), from which they are fully occupied, Bekko is still waiting for its big breakthrough on the Slovene club scene.

Since 2011 they have played on the special event honouring the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's album Nevermind and the GBTM Records Festival, which is also their record label.

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