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Center sonoričnih umetnosti

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Hanna Preuss

Hanna's Atelier for Sonorous Arts in the period 2012–2015 ran the management and programme of the at Vodnik Homestead (Vodnikova domačija) in Ljubljana turning it into a Centre for Sonorous Arts. The Centre for Sonorous Arts was active up to April 2015. See the archival article below, and the article with contacts at Hanna's Atelier for Sonorous Arts.

Archival article

Established in 2012 and managed by Hanna's Atelier for Sonorous Arts, the Centre for Sonorous Arts inhabited the Vodnik Homestead (Vodnikova domačija) until April 2015 as a comprehensive centre for the exploration, creation, development, and promotion of sound arts and related disciplines in Slovenia and abroad.

The centre's aim was to promote all sonorous arts. Its programme included artistic, exploratory, and educational activities that use sound as a possible means of understanding reality, or as their medium of expression, creation, and experience.

Sonorous theatre

Sonorous theatre is a brand new form of stage arts, which originated and developed in the Slovenian cultural space and which communicates with its audience through atmosphere and vibration; the universal language of sound. One example of sonorous theatre projects was the fairy tale Madam Beanpole and the Stray Little Sound [Gospa Sulica in izgubljeni zvokec] that was produced by Hanna's Atelier for Sonorous Arts and co-produced by the Festival Bobri (Slovenian for "beavers"), an annual festival of professional performance and film created for children.

Installations and exhibitions

Among the performative sound installations presented at the Centre for Sonorous Arts was the installation/sonorous invocation The Returned [Vrnivec] (2013), soundscape and direction by Hanna Preuss, VJ and motion graphics by Luka Umek, and light engineering by Jaka Šimenc. The centre hosted the art collective Gruppo78 led by Maria Campitelli with their audiovisual installations and performance titled Art Is a Rebellion Against Fate [Umetnost je upor proti usodi], etc.

The centre also hosted an exhibition of photographs and posters from performances of the sonorous theatre titled From the Dark, featuring the works by the photographer Nada Žgank and the graphic designer Jaro Jelovac, an exhibition of clay sculptures by Lučka Koščak, and in the manor park, a participatory sculptural installation Farewell, conceived by Lučka Koščak and Hanna Slak.


Concert activities in the Centre for Sonorous Arts offered artistic as well as popular music events in a variety of fields ranging from classical music to folk, jazz, and contemporary musical genres.

Children's programme

The children's programme promoted the creative understanding and individual expression of sound and music, in order to teach, facilitate and develop musical literacy in children, adolescents, and all those who wish to foster their musical sensibility. Workshops were offered in the fields of sound, music, painting, and environmental awareness and even included creative play hours.

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