European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (EFWMF)

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European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (EFWMF)
J F Willemsstraat 10a, 2530 Boechout, Belgium,
Phone32 3 455 6944
Juana Burillo, (Spain) Chair

The European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (EFWMF) is a network of festivals sharing the vision that the world is a patchwork of a multitude of local traditions and music, each different in expression and content yet all equal in value. The EFWMF was founded in 1991 and legally structured as a non-profit organisation in 1993. Since 1995 EFWMF has been a registered international association for artistic and educational purposes under Belgian law.

The primary concerns of the EFWMF are artistic and artistically-related issues. Membership is invited for all festival organisers with a worldwide, or at least a clear trans-national approach, presenting music in the area of world, ethnic, traditional, folk and roots music.

Although interaction between members - including sharing of information, experiences and contacts - is the core activity, EFWMF pursues an array of other activities. The EFWMF continuously seeks to facilitate and intensify links to non-European festivals and other networks within the world music community, in addition to maintaining lines of communication with organisations dealing with general issues of importance to event organisers.

EFWMF initiated the worldwide music expo WOMEX. In 1998 it began developing Strictly Mundial as a concept for an alternative networking point for the live aspects of world music. Strictly Mundial premiered in Zaragoza, Spain in November 2000. A second Strictly Mundial was held in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil in December 2001, a third in Marseilles, France in February 2003 and a fourth in Montreal, Canada in February 2005.

Among the member festivals is Druga Godba Festival, Ljubljana, whose Director is currently EFWMF's Secretary.