Info Point Fužine

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Info točka Fužine

CSD Moste Polje-Svetovalnica Fužine, Preglov trg 15, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia,


386 (0) 1 520 6444


386 (0) 1 520 6445

Meta Čermelj, Head

Situated in the Ljubljana suburb of Fužine, where the majority of the population consists of emigrants from ex-Yugoslav republics, Info Point Fužine is an information centre which offers a range of important services, including the provision of access to current information and advisory services for children, young people and adults. Its current projects are CONA Fužine (a Children’s Centre, a Teenagers’ Centre and an Activists’ Centre) and the STEP project on drug abuse. It also runs various cultural projects for the young.

Info Point Fužine is part of the Ljubljana Network of Info Points (L'MIT).