KUHNA Music Association

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Glasbeno društvo KUHNA, glasbena produkcija & založba

Kržičeva 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Blaž Celarec, Director


386 (0) 41 353 637

Ceased to exist in 2012.

Archive Article

KUHNA Music Association is a music producer and record label which also has its own studio premises. KUHNA represents a range of performing artists, including Nino Mureškič, Fool Cool Jazz Orchestra, Hamlet Express, Svetlana Makarovič and Robert Jukič. Children's artists represented by KUHNA include Dane Zajc, Srečko Kosovel and Niko Grafenauer. Kuhna's sound studio at Prešernova street in Ljubljana is called Studio Attic.