Macedonian Union of Cultural Associations, Slovenia

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Zveza makedonskih kulturnih društve Slovenije
Masarykova 24, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Dr Ilija Dimitrievski, President

Phone386 (0) 31 307829

A NOTE: Cultural organizations that engage in cultural activities of both Hungarian and Italian minorities, the Romany community and other minority ethnic groups and immigrants in Slovenia, are numerous. These organizations mostly engage in youth and amateur cultural activities, while the database focuses on professional arts and culture. As the list of the articles is not complete, for the time being these articles are stored in the Depot. Below you can read the archival article. Please be aware that certain links and contact information may no longer be valid. For the up-dated information consult the Department for Cultural Diversity and Human Rights, Ministry of Culture.

The Macedonian Union of Cultural Associations, Slovenia comprises seven autonomous associations which are located in various towns in Slovenia, including Maribor, Kranj and Ljubljana.

The Union co-ordinates up to 50 meetings and events annually, aimed at the population of about 3,700 Macedonians living in Slovenia. Since 1992 it has organised Macedonian language courses and ethnic musical instrument courses in some schools. Macedonian folk music and dance are also presented at a folk festival in Kranj and also at international festivals.

Its membership includes numerous Macedonian cultural associations from around the country, each of which runs its own programme, for example Ljubljana Cultural Society which was established in 1965, has 450 members, runs its own Strune music group and Biljana choir, and incorporates literary, fine arts and sport sections.

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