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International Foundation Manifesta (IFM), Laurierstraat 185, NL-1016 PL Amsterdam, Netherlands,


31 20 672 1435


31 20 470 0073

Hedwig Fijen, Director


From the outset, Manifesta was not intended to be an ordinary biennial exhibition. Instead, it was meant to provide a fairly open structure, with the goal of creating a meaningful, long-term dialogue and building up links between European and international artists and audiences. After recently initiating an edition for the very periphery of Europe, Manifesta now returns to the European heartland.

In keeping with its tradition for innovation, Manifesta has moved from a representational format, such as was used in various forms for the first five editions of the biennial, to a reflective format, characterised by the experimental school proposed for Manifesta 6 and a new emphasis on a range of different approaches to themes, ranging from education to artistic production and the use of public spaces.

Manifesta 7 will open up the region of Trentino-Alto Adige and, with its wide variety of urban and cultural networks, will investigate, develop and reflect upon new aspects of contemporary art within a European context. In the process, it will strive to confront a local, national and international audience with new forms of artistic expression and proposals for dealing with the issue of art in public spaces.

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