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Revija Praznine
Topniška 33a, SI-1000 Ljubljana
The editorial team


The last edition of the magazine was edited and printed in 2017.

Archival article

Praznine Magazine (roughly translated as the The Voids Magazine) is a journal for thinking about space, architecture and art within a contemporary social context. Established in 2011 and issued more or less biannually, the magazine is bilingual and is publishing texts in English as well as in Slovene.

It is complemented by a book series and augmented with lectures, round tables and discussion; these live events usually accompany the publication of a new magazine issue and are sometimes set up together with the Galerija BOKS Society.

Topics and authors

Very consciously ran as an interdisciplinary vehicle, the journal presents not only theory and research on architecture, but also philosophical texts on art in general, critiques of particular artworks, sociological reflections on urban management, even reflection with photography as the medium itself; and so on, provided that spatiality serves as the main axis of thought. Some pieces can also come in the form of interviews, and others can be derived from recent graduation theses or research projects.

Its authors mostly come from they younger generation of Slovene architects (the magazine itself was established by a group of students at the Faculty of Architecture), humanities researchers and various other practitioners or students of art and architecture. Some of the writers appearing in the magazine a bit more regularly are Boris Beja, Miloš Kosec, Kaja Kraner, Izidor Barši and Tomo Stanič.

A regular feature are translations of either classical authors such as Walter Benjamin, Sigmund Kracauer, Theodor W. Adorno, Gilles Deleuze or Frederic Jameson, and of more contemporary pieces by the likes of Douglas Spencer, Keti Chukhrov, and Silvia Groaz.

Praznine publishing

As some topics and texts call for their own publication, since 2014 Praznine also runs its own book series called Drugi prostori (Other spaces). It features a work by the young writer and architect Miloš Kosec on ruins as architectural objects, and a book of translated interviews between the French architect Jean Nouvel and the philosopher Jean Baudrillard.

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