Marko Hatlak Band

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Marko Hatlak Band
Zavratec 26, SI-1373 Rovte

Phone386 (0) 51 213 527
Marko Hatlak

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Marko Hatlak Band is yet another of expression of the multifaceted accordion virtuoso, Marko Hatlak. Venturing into the territories of funk, pop, latin music and jazz, the band merges them with Hatlak's signature tango and baroque sensibilities. Among the source materials reworked by the band one can find tunes by musicians such as Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Phill Collins, Prince – and Astor Piazzolla.

This rhythmically driven project was founded in 2016, and is led by Marko Hatlak on accordion and vocals. The other members, all of them renowned musicians, are Blaž Jurjevčič (keyboards), Žiga Kožar (drums), Tadej Kampl (bass), Lenart Krečič (tenor saxofon), Tomaž Gajšt (trumpet) and Lazaro Amed Hierrezuelo Zumeta (percussion and violin).

Marko Hatlak

An incredibly versatile accordionist, Marko Hatlak finished his studies of the instrument with distinction at the music academies of Weimar and Würzburg. Regularly performing since the early 2000s, his stage appearances are as a rule tinged with either tango or Bach.

He has played as a soloist with RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, RTV Slovenia Big Band and the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra as well as collaborated with artists such as Vlatko Stefanovski, Neil Innes, Tommy Emmanuel, Stefan Milenkovich, Miho Maegaito and Una Palliser, along with Symbolic Orchestra and Carmina Slovenica. In 2004 he started to perform with Terrafolk and played gigs at festivals like the Edinburgh Fringe and Glastonbury.

He created his still active Funtango group in 2004 (reinterpreting music of authors like A. Piazzolla, R. Galliano, Vivaldi and J.S. Bach), established the Kapobanda (mixing musics from the Balkans with Irish tunes and classical music pieces), and founded a band with the world famous violinist, Stefan Milenkovich, joined by the pianist Marko Črnčec and the bass player Luka Herman Gajser. He also plays solo, with his repertoire featuring classical pieces as well new works by composers such as Jukka Tiensu, Conrado del Rosario, John Cage, Lother Klein, Sofia Gubaidulina and Georg Katzer.


Hatlak has played at venues all over Slovenia and has been invited to several Slovene festivals. His standout solo concerts are regularly held at Cankarjev dom. The upbeat Marko Hatlak Band had its first public appearance at the Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture in 2016, followed by a short tour in Germany.

Solo or with his bands, he has performed in the US, Germany (in venues like the Berlin Blackmore's Berlins Musikzimmer), France, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, etc. As a soloist he has toured around Canada and the US, and performed at the famed Kennedy Centre in Washington, D.C.

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Marko Hatlak Band +
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Marko Hatlak Band is yet another of expression of the multifaceted accordion virtuoso, Marko Hatlak. +
Marko Hatlak Band is yet another of expression of the multifaceted accordion virtuoso, Marko Hatlak. +
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