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Acta Analytica, published since 1986, is an international periodical for philosophy in the analytical tradition covering a variety of philosophical topics including philosophical logic, metaphysics, epistemology, the philosophy of science and the philosophy of mind.  +
Acta Historiae Artis Slovenica is a scientific journal published by France Stele Institute of Art History and established in 1996.  +
Acta Histriae cover, No.  +
The Admission Free Festival is an annual art festival featuring artistic interventions, actions, performances, and installations in the urban context of Celje.  +
The Adriatic Slovenica Collection has grown since 2007 when first initiated by Matjaž Gantar, the insurance company's late supervisory board president.  +
In 2014 the reorganisation of the independent national regulatory agency for media took place.  +
Aggressive Theatre is an association for contemporary arts founded by Andrej Grilc and Glorjana Veber in 2007 with 16 other members of the collective.  +
AIPA - Collecting Society of Authors, Performers and Producers of Audiovisual Works of Slovenia was founded as a joint collective organisation for the management of authorship rights of authors, co-authors, performers, and film producers.  +
AirBeletrina.si is an on-line literary magazine in Slovenian language run by Beletrina Publishing Institute (formerly called Študentska založba) since 2007.  +
Run by the Celeia Celje Institute - Centre for Contemporary Arts since 2005, the AiR Celeia Celje Artist-in-Residence programme for international artists and curators is based on inter-disciplinarity and participation, with the aim of building a dialogue and cooperation between foreign and local artists and curators as well as between art and the broader community.  +
The Aksioma Institute is a production and organisation unit for various endeavours in the field of contemporary art.  +
In 2011, the Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art opened up the Aksioma Project Space, a new venue in Ljubljana dedicated to exhibitions and presentations of either its own art productions or those of various internationally acclaimed intermedia art projects.  +
AKSL Arhitekti was established in 2005 by Aleš Košak and Špela Leskovic.  +
Alga Gallery is a commercial gallery situated on the Izola coast that shows paintings by professional and amateur painters from the region.  +
Situated in Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Centre and run by KUD Mreža Arts and Culture Association, Alkatraz Gallery started out in 1996 as a project initiated by young students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design.  +
All Strings Detached is a Slovene duet consisting of Jana Beltran (vocal, electro-acoustic guitar) and Vesna Godler (vocal, electric bass, percussion).  +
In Pečovnik, on the outskirts of the city of Celje and on the left bank of the Savinja River, sits the house in which Alma Maximiliana Karlin (1889–1950), a world traveller with a transnational identity, a polyglot, a theosophist and a writer, spent her last years.  +
The Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (ISH) was established in 1992 as the first and one of the few autonomous higher education institutions in the field of humanities and social sciences in Slovenia.  +
This virtual residence is dedicated to Alma Karlin (1889–1950), an extraordinary traveller, polyglot, theosophist, and writer from Celje.  +
Almira Sadar (b 1963) graduated in architecture and then specialised in industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.  +
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