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Muzej Radenske, Radenci
Zdraviliško naselje 14, SI-9252 Radenci
Phone386 (0)2 565 1889

The article about Radenska Museum Collection was put into depot, because the Museum was closed down. Some buildings in the park of the Radenci Spa Resorts are subjects of denationalisation process. In 2018 the information that Radenci Ltd. plans to renovate the house and revitalize the Museum was published.

Archival article

The Radenska Museum Collection in Radenci was opened in 1969 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of pumping the mineral water "Radenska". The museum collection is displayed in 6 rooms of Marijin dom at the health resort Terme Radenci, presenting the rich history of Radenska from 1869 onwards. The building houses also Radenska Gallery, an exhibition hall in the attic, arranged for occasional exhibitions of contemporary art.


Mineral water was discovered at Radenci in 1833 by Karel Henn, a student of medicine. After a thorough analysis of the water, he returned to Radenci as a renowned doctor in 1869 where he bottled the first "Radenska Three Hearts" mineral water which was later supplied to the Emperor's court in Vienna and to the Pope's palace in Rome.

In 1882 the first guests were welcomed to the Radenci Health Resort. In July 1996 the new "Thermal Paradise" section was opened (10 outdoor and indoor pools), linked with a physiotherapy ward and all the hotels by an enclosed walkway.


Located within Marijin dom ("Mary's House"), a historic villa built as part of the spa's complex of buildings in 1894, the Radenska Museum Collection depicts the history of the Terme Radenci company which has managed the health resort since 1869, the development of the spa, and the growth of health-resort tourism. The villa has housed the Radenska Museum Collection since 1978, and both the collection and the building were renovated in 1993.

The exhibition also presents the history and development of Radenska Company and its founder Karel Henn. Several devices for filling and stopping bottles, as well as a presentation of filling and packaging the bottles introduce to visitors the hard work of women who worked for Radenska Company.

The museum building also contains 2 rooms with historical furniture, originating from Radenci buildings, and the spa's rich library collection mainly the legacy of its first owner.

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Muzej Radenske, Radenci +
Muzej Radenske, Radenci +
SI-9252 Radenci +
Zdraviliško naselje 14 +
The article about Radenska Museum Collection was put into depot, because the Museum was closed down. +
The article about Radenska Museum Collection was put into depot, because the Museum was closed down. +
+386 /2 565 1889 +
Radenci +
SI-9252 +
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