Slovene Museum Society

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Slovensko muzejsko društvo (SMD)

Trg francoske revolucije 7, Sl-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia,


386 (0) 1 251 4025


386 (0) 1 241 2540

Dragica Trobec Zadnik, Secretary


The Society publishes the twice-yearly Argo Magazine and since 1998 it has conferred the Valvasor Award, the highest award in Slovene museology.

It also organises the Museoforum, an annual convention which gives distinguished museums experts from Slovenia and abroad to present their views and experiences. The Museoforum comprises two or three lectures each year, covering all types of museum activity, eg the Role of Museology and Its Correlations to Science (1991), Between Modernity and Postmodernity, Museum Pedagogics in Search of a Paradigm (1991), Museums and Exhibitions (1993), Museums at the End of the Second Millennium - A Janus-Faced View (May 2000), Lifelong Learning and Museums (September 2000), Oral Sources - A Constituent Part of the Collecting Policy of Museums (November 2000), Documentation in Museums (November 2002).

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Slovensko muzejsko društvo (SMD) +
Dragica Trobec Zadnik +
+386 / 1 241 2540 +
Slovensko muzejsko društvo (SMD) +
Secretary +
Trg francoske revolucije 7, Sl-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia +
+386 / 1 251 4025 +
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