Tabor Hall Maribor

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Dvorana Tabor Maribor
Koresova ulica 7, SI-2000 Maribor
Phone386 (0) 2 320 7810
Gregor Miličević, Head of the Tabor Hall Programme

Phone386 (0) 2 320 7814, 386 (0) 41 605 083

Tabor Hall is an indoor multipurpose sports venue in Maribor the second largest city in Slovenia, built in the 80s. Its programme covers various sports events, it hosted important World and European sports championships, recreational sports activities take place there, and it is also a place for socializing and a venue of numerous concerts and entertainment events. In more than 30 years, it hosted more than 8.000 events, with more than 7 million visitors.


The Tabor Hall has been operating since 4th of July 1984; its opening was marked by a basketball game between the Yugoslav national team and the USA team Nit Nike. Its building is one of the most beautiful examples of the architecture of late socialist modernism; publicist Jan Dimog included it in the journal, in his article “Comeback-City”, dedicated to the architecture of Maribor.


The Tabor Hall consists of 118 rooms, it has a capacity of 3800 seats, but with standing areas it can accommodate 4500 visitors. Together with the Ice Hall, dedicated mainly to hockey, it occupies 9500 square metres. It belongs under the auspices of the public office Športni objekti Maribor. In recent years, the municipality of Maribor has been trying to renovate the Tabor Hall, which would enable the organization of even bigger international sports or other events. The financial investment is estimated at around 11 million Euros.

Sport activities

The main hall is suitable for basketball, volleyball, handball and badminton. It offers members of Maribor sports clubs a place for training and competitions; it was a home of the Slovene first league team The Basketball Club Maribor, the Yugoslav first league team The Railway Basketball Club Maribor and the table tennis team ŽNTK Finea. Today, it is also a home of The Maribor Handball Club, which competes in the first Slovene handball league, The Bowling Club Konstruktor, the volleyball teams, but it hosts also the European volleyball league matches and other sports events.

Music programme

The main hall has hosted also various entertainment events, such as the Grease musical or the concerts of Magnifico, Jan Plestenjak, Siddharta, etc., or in the past the concerts of the legendary musicians, such as Ray Charles, James Brown or Laurie Anderson on the occassion of the Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012. Next to the main hall there are a table tennis court, a bowling alley, a fitness room, a martial arts room, a massage room, a seminar room, a restaurant, etc. In 2014, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary, an exhibition on the history of the Tabor Hall was organized.

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Dvorana Tabor Maribor +
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Tabor Hall is an indoor multipurpose sports venue in Maribor the second largest city in Slovenia, built in the 80s. +
Tabor Hall is an indoor multipurpose sports venue in Maribor the second largest city in Slovenia, built in the 80s. +
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