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Formed in 1992, Zmelkoow is a rather unconventional and hard-to-pin-down band from the Slovene coast. Though pop-rock is the group's primary musical orientation, their sound, lyrics and attitude are strongly infused with punk, parody, and even Dadaist tendencies, a description the band's members would never use themselves, as they manage to be very consistent in not taking themselves too seriously.

Since their first album in 1994, they've been a lingering presence on Slovene stages and a few of their 1990s songs became immense hits, especially among the younger population, which for a time even took one of their songs as a hymn (probably due to the chorus, which goes along the lines of "the more we drink, the better we look ..."). Their whole public presence is built on a humorous and, well, weird presentation, that encompasses their album covers, the titles of their songs, their PR texts, the interviews they give, and the jokes they make on stage. The lyrics are typically either wholly surreal or bafflingly banal and often feature both. It could be said that, among lots of incomprehensible jokes and sometimes just plain randomness, their lyrics are probably among the better ones in the Slovene pop, rock, and punk scene.


They started as a trio with Žare Pavletič on bass, Goga Sedmak on vocals and guitar, and Damjan Barut on drums, who was later, in 2001, substituted by Aleš Koščak. In Zmelkoow's current formation, the trio has been expanded to now included Aleksandra Čermelj, Eva Brajkovič, and Anuša Podgornik on vocals, with the latter also playing keyboards and flute.

Discography and performances

In the more than 20 years of their existence, Zmelkoow has released 8 albums, 7 singles, one "best of" compilation, a number of music videos and a "lo-fi multi blast art core extra home video film" titled U Epizodi Terasa Bend. They've toured all parts of Slovenia and played on numerous festivals, including Kamfest, Rock Otočec, Lent Festival, Trnfest, Orto Fest, and No Border Jam Festival, to name just a few.


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