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Bled Film Festival (BFF)
Cesta svobode 7, SI-4260 Bled
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Organised byZavod Bled Film Festival
Festival dates17.6.2014 - 21.6.2014
16.6.2015 - 21.6.2015
Marko Gajić,, BFF Founder

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Daniel Utješanović, BFF Founder

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Dunja Klemenc, Programme director
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Bled, an Alpine town alongside the glacial Lake Bled in north-western Slovenia, hosts the annual Bled Film Festival. Its first edition took place in mid-June 2014, when the vision of two movie enthusiasts and Bled locals first came to realisation under the presidency of Rade Šerbedžija. Besides him, the Festival Board features the renowned Slovene director Karpo Godina, actors and producers Boris Cavazza, Milena Zupančič, Vanessa Redgrave, Armand Assante, and some others as well.

Held next to the scenic Lake Bled, the festival declares its foremost focus and engagement on environmental issues related to water.


The festival has four sections. Two of them are competitive, with the first one presenting a selection of independent world cinema and the second one a series of contemporary water-themed documentaries. The Open Air programme offers screenings of more mainstream movies, shown free of charge at open air venues. The fourth part consists of various other special screenings, such as retrospectives and thematically appropriate features.

The festival is accompanied by several side events, such as a round table discussion on climate change, a primary school call for short videos on water and interviews with well-known guests from the world of cinema.

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