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SADAR + VUGA Architects

updated 21 hours ago

Never shy of making bold architectural statements, SADAR + VUGA is among the most visible architecture bureaus in Slovenia. Founded in 1996 by Boštjan Vuga and Jurij Sadar, their office has made a significant mark not only in the landscape of the Slovene capital Ljubljana but also in the public discourse surrounding architecture. They've earned themselves substantial international limelight and their projects are standing (or getting there) in several states across Europe.

The bureau is usually simultaneously preoccupied by large scale projects – such as the renovation of the main city boulevard in Ljubljana and the Sports Park Stožice – as well with interior design and various smaller housing endeavors. Either way, there is always a sense of complexity in their charismatic visual language.

SADAR + VUGA Architects 1999 Chamber of Commerce and Industry.jpg

Mini Theatre

updated 22 hours ago

Mini Theatre 2014 Kako ujeti zvezdo.JPG

Mini Theatre was founded in 1999 by the actor and puppeteer Robert Waltl and director Ivica Buljan with the purpose to enhance creativity in post-dramatic theatre and in theatre for the young. The company holds a small hall at Ljubljana Castle where puppet and theatre performances for children, youth, and adults are presented. A new theatre hall at Križevniška Street in the old city centre of Ljubljana opened in 2009.

Mini Theatre regularly participates in major Slovene theatre festivals, it has received awards several times at the Borštnik Theatre Festival and at the Slovene Puppetry Biennial as well as from the Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists. Mini Theatre organises also the Mini Summer - International Festival for Children and the annual Medieval Days or Festival of Medieval and Renaissance Music that takes place at the Ljubljana Castle, as well as some other open-air locations.

Arrea Architecture

updated 22 hours ago

Founded by Maruša Zorec in 2005, Arrea Architecture is considered to be one of the most prominent architectural bureaus in Slovenia. Though not confined to renovations only, the bureau is however most famed precisely for its subtle takes on the built heritage. With a deft touch they transform such places into functional and contemporary buildings while simultaneously preserving the qualities and logic of the existing structures and their surroundings.

The Arrea Architecture cast of architects is still led by Zorec and (as of 2017) it includes Matjaž Bolčina, Katja Saje, Martina Tepina, Maša Živec, Uroš Rustja, Mark Koritnik, Aleksi Vičič and Tadej Bolta. The better part of their projects in recent years has been awarded prestigious national awards or honourable mentions.

Plecnik House 2015 Karunova 4-6 complex.jpg

Kombinat Architects

updated 22 hours ago

Kombinat Architects 2012 house Novo mesto.jpg

The architectural team Kombinat. was established in 2006 by Alenka Korenjak, Tomaž Čeligoj and Blaž Kandus. In 2008, Ana Grk joined the group and together they founded the company Kombinat arhitekti, projektiranje d.o.o. Since then, the group is constantly inviting freelance architects or working in parthership with other arhitectural offices home and abroad. International collaborations include working with Vehovar Jauslin architects (CH), PPAG and Riegler Riewe Architects (A).

Kombinat engages in urban developments and public space refurbishments as well as in small projects such as single family houses or apartment renovations.

In collaboration with the ProstoRož, whose joint members are Ana Grk and Alenka Korenjak, Kombinat Architects renovated both the Plečnik Underpass and the Tivoli Underpass in Ljubljana (2009).

Nova Gorica Arts Centre

updated 18 hours ago

The Nova Gorica Arts Centre (Kulturni dom Nova Gorica) was opened as a regional cultural and community centre back in 1978. Besides being a prominent concert and film theatre venue, it is nowadays also the most important concert producer for classical and old music in Western Slovenia. Besides using its own two event halls, the Arts Centre often sets up concerts at other venues, most regularly at the Dobrovo Castle and the Franciscan Monastery at Kostanjevica, a hill just above Nova Gorica.

Its visual arts branch, the Nova Gorica City Gallery, is located within the Nova Gorica theatre building complex. The Arts Centre organises a range of other programmes, including the Pixxelpoint International Festival of Computer Art, the October Jazz festival and the International Saxophone Meeting.

Nova Gorica Arts Centre 2016 Front entrance.jpg

Ministry of Culture

updated 2 days ago

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for regulating those matters in the sphere of culture which are in the public interest. These include: involvement in the coordinated cultural development of Slovenia; protection of the cultural heritage; ensuring the plurality of the media landscape; providing suitable conditions for the creation; communication and accessibility of cultural assets; guaranteeing the special cultural rights of minorities; international cooperation in the sphere of culture; and the promotion of culture at home and abroad.

Institution for the Information Activity of the Hungarian National Community

updated 2 days ago

Founded in 1993, the Institution for the Information Activity of the Hungarian National Community traces the demographic activity and trends of the Hungarian minority in the Republic of Slovenia, protected by the Slovene Constitution. As per the 2002 census data, 6,243 declared themselves as members of the Hungarian National Community and 7,713 persons stated Hungarian as their mother tongue.

updated 2 days ago (website).png is the only multidisciplinary arts and cultural online tool focused specifically on Asia and Europe. Its platform is to inform, collaborate, interact, and exchange ideas amongst the arts and cultural communities across the two continents. The portal is an initiative of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and is currently hosted and facilitated by Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF). A comprehensive portal offers opportunity for artists, cultural practitioners, and policy makers.

International Saxophone Meeting

updated 18 hours ago

Organised every summer since 1997 by Nova Gorica Arts Centre at Nova Gorica Music School, the International Saxophone Meeting programme provides the opportunity to work in saxophone ensembles through individual lessons, rehearsals with the piano, concerts and lessons given by international instructors. It culminates in a festival of final concerts by workshop participants. Participants can choose between classical repertoire, jazz or a combination of both. The timetable is adjusted according to the number of participants.

International Saxophone Meeting 2013 Solo performance.jpg

International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana

updated 22 hours ago

MGLC - Tivoli Mansion Ljubljana - Photo Borut Peterlin.jpg

Established in 1986, the International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC) is housed in the Tivoli Mansion. It runs the Biennial of Graphic Arts, maintains an international collection of graphic arts and artists' books, and organises personal and thematic contemporary arts exhibitions, often reflecting political or social atmospheres of the chosen periods.

Founded in 1955, the Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts is the world's oldest existing biennial exhibition of contemporary graphic arts. MGLC is among the founding member of the International Biennial Association (IBA), established in 2014. As of 2017 MGLC is also running the Švicarija Art Centre, a nearby residency and exhibition venue.

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