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Technical Museum of Slovenia

updated 3 days ago

Technical Museum of Slovenia collection.JPG

Founded in 1951, the Technical Museum of Slovenia (TMS) aims to to research, collect and exhibit Slovenia's technical heritage, as well as to protect the historically important technical buildings, installations and machines. Its collections (historically) elaborate on various topics such as cars, bicycles and other vehicles; the sawing, woodworking, textile and milling industries; printing and bookmaking; telecommunications services; and so on.

Aside from its core premises and collections, the museum also manages various satellites, including the Bogenšperk Castle, the Pantz Forester's Gravity Cableway, the Museum of Post and Telecommunications, and the Soteska Depot of Vehicles. It regularly joins the Museums on a Summer Night project.

Creative Europe Desk Slovenia

updated 2 days ago

The Creative Europe Desk Slovenia (CED Slovenia) was established in January 2014 as a national information office for promotion of the EU Creative Europe programme (2014–2020) that supports cultural and audiovisual sectors. It performs the tasks of the former CCP Slovenia and Media Desk Slovenia.

The CED Slovenia is run by the Motovila Institute.

Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture

updated 2 days ago

Kino Siska - 01.JPG

Kino Šiška is one of the main cultural centres in Ljubljana. Established in 2009, it is a highly industrious institution in terms of artistic scope, dealing with music, film, visual and new media art, theatre, and contemporary dance as well as with various other cultural endeavours. However, its main trade is that of music concerts, with the acts ranging from indie rock and alternative pop to experimental electronica and old school heavy metal.

Besides its 300 or so events per year, Kino Šiška also runs various programmes for finding and supporting upcoming artists, does international promotion for Slovene artists, runs a visual arts sales gallery DobraVaga, and collaborates with the local community.

City of Women Association for Promotion of Women in Culture

updated 2 days ago

The City of Women Association for Promotion of Women in Culture was established in 1996. It organises the annual international festival of contemporary arts in Ljubljana called City of Women and aims to raise the visibility of high-quality innovative creations by women artists, theoreticians and activists from all over the world. Its presentation of the artistic and cultural production of women in the performing arts, music, visual arts, film and video, literature and theory, provokes a debate and raises awareness as to the currently disproportionate participation and representation of women in arts and culture, as well as in society as a whole.

City of Women simultaneously provides a platform that considers pertinent critical contemporary issues. Alongside its festival manifestation (which offers an increasing number of its own productions and co-productions, mainly from the field of performing arts and dance) it is also present throughout the year, organising lectures, public discussions, civic initiatives, and so on.

Contemporary Slovene theatre

updated 3 days ago

Theatre is an art form that has been shaping Slovenia's image abroad, with several successful guest appearances and individual artists gaining international acclaim. The independent sector, comprising a range of non-governmental performing arts organisations, was established in Ljubljana in the late 1980s and 1990s and has since produced primarily visual and physical theatre, experimental drama theatre, street theatre and other interdisciplinary theatre forms. Slovenia has also gained international recognition for performing arts theory, research, publishing and documentation initiatives.

Sodobnost International Cultural Society

updated 2 days ago

The Sodobnost International Cultural Society organises readings and workshops in Slovenia (for example, the workshop on playwriting) and presentations of contemporary Slovene literature abroad. It publishes Sodobnost, a monthly literary and cultural journal, and book collections from various fields of interest, such as novels, children's literature, books about reading, etc. A major part of the book publishing activity focuses on anthologies of foreign short prose. As a direct result of deals with foreign publishers, anthologies of contemporary Slovene short fiction are published abroad as well. The society also confers the Best Short Story Award jointly with the Slovene Writers’ Association and the Best Slovene Essay Award.

MoTA Museum of Transitory Art

updated 3 days ago

MoTA Museum of Transitory Art 2016 Sonica Pavillion exhibition.jpg

Dealing in experimental and technologically inquisitive arts, MoTA serves as a production vehicle for setting up music concerts, audiovisual acts, visual art exhibitions, public interventions, art residencies and an abundance of other artistically charged activities (as of recently it also bestows the TESLA Award). Its programme predominantly takes place at various Ljubljana venues, yet also on the web and very frequently around the world.

This non-profit cultural organisation was founded in 2007 as a continuation of the CodeEp art collective and enterprise. Besides partaking in various international endeavours, MoTA cooperates with dozens of Slovene organisations, venues and festivals, among them the Speculum Artium Festival, the Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, the Sploh Institute, and Kino Šiška.


updated 3 days ago

Hexenbrutal may very well have left some things to chance and good fortune, but their name is definitely not a coincidence. It almost onomatopoetically depicts what your eardrums will need to endure if you choose to attend one of their unpredictable concerts. Dr. Hexen (Matej Kolmanko) and Mr. Brutal (Iztok Koren) will alter how you perceive music with loud, relentless noise born out of a drum set and a cluster of synthesizers and other gadgets. But since unpredictability is a constant, don't be surprised when you see them play an acoustic concert in which they transform all the frenzy into a melodic alloy of traditional sounds and contemporary approaches.

Rad bi bil normalen Festival

updated 4 days ago

The Rad bi bil normalen Festival is a small and unpretentious festival for alternative culture that takes place in Ravne pri Cerknem, a village in the hilly and rural region of Cerkljansko. Held since 1999, the festival has a diverse and unpretentious programme that (at least in recent years) runs for two consecutive autumn weekends. The festival started as a more or less a private thing (hence the funky name, which translates as "I Want to be Normal Festival"), but has soon turned into an annual event that caters to a very heterogeneous local crowd and presents punk bands on the same day as it stages plays by the local amateur theatre group.

The festival regularly features travel lectures, theatre plays, street theatre acts, photography and painting exhibitions, and movie screenings. These usually take place in the first part of the programme, with its second part being comprised of mainly punk and rock (and sometimes folk or choir) concerts. These traditionally feature a few brand new bands on the scene, who are chosen through an open call and then able to play alongside established bands from Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Germany, and elsewhere, such as Punčke (HR), Bouncin B.C. (DE), Mantan (AU), Nežni Dalibor (RS), Fakofbolan (HR), Debeli Precjednik (HR), Bernays Propaganda (MK), Janez Škof (of Čompe) The Canyon Observer, Real life Version, Kombinat Choir, Indust-Bag, Kar Češ Brass Band, Carnaval, and Manul.

Prismojeni Profesorji Bluesa

updated 3 days ago

Though they call themselves Prismojeni Profesorji Bluesa, which could be translated as the Nutty Blues Professors, this band actually plays a rather eclectic musical mixture. Though heavily immersed in blues, their music is also strongly informed by psychedelia, funk, experimental rock and even jazz. Yet, this is never done at the expanse of their trademark dance-inducing, rhythm heavy rock'n'roll,

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