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Aksioma, Zavod za sodobne umetnosti, Ljubljana
Jakopičeva ulica 11, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 41 250 830
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Janez Janša, Director and Producer
Phone386 (0) 41 250 669
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Marcela Okretič, Producer
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Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Arts is a non-profit cultural organisation based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, co-founded in 2002 by multimedia artist Davide Grassi, today known as Janez Janša. Aksioma engages in projects that take advantage of new technologies in order to investigate and discuss the structures of (post)modern society. It focuses on artistic production that explores social, political, aesthetic and ethical concerns. In 2011 Aksioma opened its Project Space at Komenskega street in the centre of Ljubljana. The venue presents internationally renowned new media art projects.

In 2012 Aksioma Institute ran the first successful crowdfunding project in Slovenia, which enabled the postproduction of the My Name Is Janez Janša documentary film. The film focuses on three Slovene artists who officially changed their names into the name of the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez Janša in 2007.


New media projects

Aksioma has produced many projects by Janez Janša, such as DemoKino (Virtual Biopolitical Agora), an anti-entertainment interactive film questioning modern democracy. Demokino is a virtual parliament that provides participants the opportunity to decide about the questions of life.

The Institute has also produced several projects by Sašo Sedlaček, including his overview exhibition Supertrash (coproduction with Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts and Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana) shown in Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts in Slovenj Gradec (2011) and Jakopič Gallery (2012) where visitors could see the selection of Sedlaček's projects created during the last ten years. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue.

Music and Performance

Aksioma collaborated with the music project Bast (1998–2007) and co-organized several performances for the V:NM Festival in Graz in 2007.

Some of the most important performances produced by Aksioma are SilentCell Network, an artistic network for interventions in public spaces by Mare Bulc, Janez Janša, Bojana Kunst, Igor Štromajer; Nicole Blackman's performance The Courtesan Tales in Café Belvedere, Vila Bled where visitors could order the courtesan's service a la carte; paraSITE by Michael Rakowitz and Brainloop by Janez Janša. Brainloop is an interactive performance platform that utilizes a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) system which allows a subject to operate devices merely by imagining specific motor commands. In the second part of the performance, Brainloop is used to compose a custom soundtrack.


Aksioma published a catalogue of Davide Grassi's selected works in 2004, DemoKino - Virtual Biopolitical Agora, a book edited by Ivana Ivković and Janez Janša (2006), Janez Janša's biography (2008) written by Marcel Štefančič jr and published by Mladina and co-produced by Maska Institute and Aksioma; and RE:akt! Reconstruction, Re-enactment, Re-reporting (2009) among others.

Many of the catalogues are bilingual, for example a monograph of the late Slovene photographer Diego Andrés Gómez (2007, in Slovene and Spanish) or Signature (2010, in Slovene and English).

Aksioma publishes or collaborates with others to publish a brochure for its exhibitions. Aksioma brochure #1 Name Radymade was published in 2010 (the catalogue with the same title was published two years sooner by Museum of Modern Art). Since then they publish about six brochures per year and the publications are available online as well.

Aksioma also released some albums, an album by the Bast collective Bast – Retinal Cirkus (2007) containing improvisations recorded at Klub Gromka, during the project Burn Out produced by Aksioma.


Aksioma Institute cooperates with many other institutions, for example with the Kapelica Gallery with which Aksioma has co-produced or co-organized many projects, H220 by Marko Batista in 2010 being one of them. They also cooperate with Match Gallery (exhibitions EKMRZ by Ubermorgen.com, 15 objects by Peter Rauch and Fuck the System by Eva and Franco Mattes), Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts (exhibition Signature, for instance), Museum of Modern Art (exhibition Triglav in Mala Gallery), P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute, Maska Institute, Intima Virtual Base, SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts, Zank, Bunker Institute and many organisations and festivals abroad, among them the MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, MMSU - Museum of Contemporary Art in Rijeka (RE:akt!), Institute FH JOANNEUM Graz (Brainloop), Kunsthaus Graz etc.

They cooperated with City of Women International Festival of Contemporary Arts to present a lectures Hack the Gender! by Tatiana Bazzichelli on hacker ethics and Jannifer Doyle's Between Friends in 2007.

In 2014, they were awarded a Creative Europe grant from the European Commission for the international cooperation project Masters & Servers: Networked Culture in the Post-digital Age, which takes place from September 2014 to August 2016. The project involves the co-organising partners Abandon Normal Devices (AND) from Manchester, UK; d-i-n-a (producer of the Influencers festival) from Barcelona, ES; Drugo more from Rijeka, HR; and Link Center for the Arts of the Information Age from Brescia, IT.

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