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PIFcamp 2015 Peter EdwARDS.jpg

PIFcamp is a week-long international gathering (or hack-camp) that facilitates explorations into the various intersections of art and technology. Held in the stunning Alpine valley of the Soča river, in the Triglav National Park, the core of this fundamentally open-ended project consists of hands-on workshops, presentations, field trips and – most importantly – spontaneous collaborations and skills exchanges

Of key importance is active involvement of the participants, who are invited to contribute their ideas, skills and ambitions into the collective creative endeavour. The camp is organised by the Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory and the Projekt Atol Institute. The 2016 Open Saturday for visitors takes place on 30th July.

Festivals in Slovenia

Festivals in slovenia 2012.jpg

Since 2012 the annual festivalscapes are provided as an infographic, conceived by the team at the Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory.

The interactive calendars include the festivals from the database arranged by weeks and by field. You can get various charts, e.g. the Music festivals only, by clicking on the art field.

You can complement the above infographic with the timeline of festivals, which reveals the dynamics of establishing new festivals in Slovenia (since 1909).


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