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Sever & Sever Production
Trubarjeva 21 a, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 51 449 933
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Jani Sever, Director
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Nina Jeglič
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Past Events

Established in 2011, Sever & Sever Production has since then produced quite a number of short films, documentaries, feature-length films and other video works. It is led by the director, screenwriter, and producer Jani Sever, who in 2006 co-founded and headed the web "television" venture, the first and up until now still the only online daily in Slovenian that featured video-based news, interviews, and reports. By way of necessity, that project was later transformed into a film production house and in the end given a new name and company.



As a complement to their journalistic work, Jani Sever and the crew of in 2010 produced the 30-episode-long series Prepisani [The Overwritten]. Written by Jonas Žnidaršič, it consisted of short, 8-minute episodes that were in their entirety filmed in front of the green screen. Later, in 2011, two documentaries followed – Elena, a documentary about a disability activist running for president, and Veš, poet, svoj dolg? [Poet, do you know thy debt?], which explored the history and cultural impact of the Slovene rap scene (and has been screened extensively across Slovenia).

With part of the crew that was working on these projects later migrating to Sever & Sever Production, the new company's focus has for the better part stayed true to the two themes outlined above: either dissecting the Slovene cultural landscape and its genealogy or reflecting on the topics of marginalised social groups.


In the films presenting the peripheral parts of the society, Sever & Sever has produced works on mental problems (Sanjal sem, da sem srečen), on young outcasts (Dom, Izključeni) and has filmed three pieces that deal with blindness, titled Adagio, Richard pride jutri and Hoja po vodi. The latter is the story of a successful Slovene fashion model gone blind and who became not only a businessman but a professional sportsman as well.

Sport is also one of the subjects that Sever & Sever has handled when filming documentaries about popular culture. Other themes touch on the Slovene movie history (Kaj pa Mojca?), industrial heritage (Ne bo vam uspelo, to je Jelovica!), and the cultural sensibilities of the 1980s (Nekoč je bila dežala pridnih).

Fiction films and other works

Sever & Sever has also filmed a few puppet theatre and contemporary dance shows (collaborating, for example, with the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and the dance group EnKnapGroup), produced a couple of short films and, in 2014, released their first feature-length film Pot v raj [Sailing to Paradise].


Their various movies have been screened at the Festival of Slovenian Film (where they have also won some awards), the Kino Otok - Isola Cinema Festival, Kamfest, the Trieste Film Festival, the ZagrebDox festival, the Cannes Short Film Corner, Athens International Short Film Festival, International Short & Animation Film Festival Open Cinema St. Petersburg, LET’S CEE Film Festival Vienna, Oulu International Film festival, etc.

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