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Stara gara, Zavod za kulturne dejavnosti, Ljubljana
Majaronova 16, SI-1000 Ljubljana
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Miha Černec, Head
Tržaška 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
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Past Events

Following the success of theirs debut features Idle Running (V leru, 1999) and Bread and Milk (Kruh in mleko, 2001) Staragara was established as an independent non-profit cultural organisation in 2003 by filmmakers Janez Burger and Jan Cvitkovič. Although it is primarly focused on film production (its unorthodox films have won numerous international awards), Staragara also produces commercial spots, contemporary dance performances by the choreographer Magdalena Reiter and occasionally organises special dance events and programmes. Staragara also produced a special film project for Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012 - Man With a Raven [Mož s krokarjem, 2012].

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Film production

As a film production house, Staragara produced Cvitkovič's black comedy Gravehopping [Odgrobadogroba], which saw its world première in September 2005 at the 53rd International Film Festival in San Sebastian and received the prestigious Altadis New Directors Award for the best first and second film of a director. The film has won many other prizes (for example, in Warsaw, Cottbus, Palić, Torino, Portorož, Khanty Mansysk, and Setubal in Portugal) and more than 20,000 viewers saw the film during regular cinematographic distribution in Slovenia. The film was co-produced by Propeler Film from Zagreb and TV Slovenia and financially supported by the Slovenian Film Centre and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. The Association of Slovene Film Workers selected Gravehopping as the 2005 Slovene candidate for the Foreign Language Film Oscar award (announced by the Association of Slovene Film Workers). Cvitkovič is best known for winning the Lion of the Future Award at the 2001 Venice Film Festival for his debut feature film Bread and Milk [Kruh in mleko]. In 2011 Staragara also produced his third feature film, Archeo, a co-production with Transmedia (Italy), Inforg Stúdió (Hungary) and TV Slovenia, which was premiered at the 14th edition of the Festival of Slovenian Film and where it won the best film, best director and best cinematography awards.

Staragara's most ambitious film production to date was undoubtedly Burger's second feature, the highly original and unconventional war film without dialogues Silent Sonata [Circus Fantasticus]. It was co-produced by The Chimney Pot (Sweden), Cineworks (Finnland), Fastnet Films (Ireland) and Film i Väst (Sweden) and financially supported by the Euroimages Fund of the Council of Europe, shot in Slovenia and Ireland, while its large international crew included members from 18 different countries. The world premiere of the film took place at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2011. It won several national (Vesna Award's for best feature film, director, music, sound, make-up and supporting actor, and Kodak Award for best cinematography) and international awards (Best Actors Award at the Pula FIlm Festival and Best Artistic Achievement Award at the Alexandria International Film Festival).

Staragara produced also several short and medium lenght films, fiction and documentaries, like Burger's On the Sunny Side of Alps [Na sončni strani Alp], a short fiction film from 2007, and Sonja, TV film from the same year, Cvitkovič's short fiction films I Know [Vem] from 2007, This is earth, my brother [To je zemlja, brat moj] from 2009, Hundred dogs [Sto psov] from 2012, and his television documentary Total Gambit [Totalni gambit], or Zoran Grabarac's documentary 300 Bears [300 kosmatih].

One of the most recent film projects produced by Staragara is also the TV documentary portrait of the Slovene painter Jože Tisnikar, Man With the Raven [Mož s krokarjem] made by Sonja Prosenc. It was shot in co-production with TV Slovenia and zavod Maribor 2012 for Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012.

Dance and stage productions

Staragara also produces dance and stage performances. In 2003 it produced an evening of four Polish dance performances called The Invasion of the Poles at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana. In the following year dancer and choreographer Magdalena Reiter of Staragara – together with Exodos Institute – worked on an international co-production of the dance performance Moment - A Study of Suspended Time. Later she choreographed the dance performances Solo (2005), Heksamiton(2007), 36,5°C (2008), Modus Vivendi (2010), etc.

European Capital of Culture 2012

For the event Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012 Staragara launched the central film project of the event entitled Omnibus, with which – together with the project's art director Jan Cvitkovič – the film directors and authors from the region (Antonio Nuić, Georgy Pulfi, Michael Glawogger, Micheangelo Framartino) produced and presented a film made for the occasion.

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