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Kulturno prireditveni center Narodni dom Maribor
Kneza Koclja 9, SI-2000 Maribor
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Founded byMunicipality of Maribor
Vladimir Rukavina, Director
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Boris Črnič, Public Relations
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Housed in a restored late 19th-century building in the centre of Maribor, Narodni dom offers various contexts a wide range of performing arts activities, including theatre, dance and music. As an organiser, producer, and promoter, Narodni dom presents around 1,200 events each year. It hosts numerous concerts of everything from traditional to electronic and dance music and prepares various music series covering orchestral, chamber and jazz, as well as theatre events including comedy, children's theatre, and youth programmes.

Each summer Narodni dom runs Maribor's major international attraction Lent Festival, which draws more than 500,000 visitors annually. It also organises a range of other musical events and festivals, including the Folkart International Folklore Festival, Maribor and the Izzven Jazz Festival.

Narodni dom's activities in the field of dance are focused primarily on folkloric and ethnic dance, with numerous international performances presented each year within the festivals organised by Narodni dom.

Narodni dom is a member of the Association of Slovene Festivals (SloFA) and the European Festivals Association (EFA).


In addition to the main auditorium hall of Narodni dom Maribor (described below), other venues run by the organisation are Union Hall (a former cinema) in the city centre and the medieval Water Tower on the Drava riverbank, which is under construction. See also Lent Festival for the open-air stages.

Narodni dom Hall

  • type of venue: theatre hall
  • main use: theatre, puppetry, chamber music, dance, lectures, ceremonies
  • seating: 399 seats comprising 349 stalls, 50 balcony
  • proscenium opening: 7.5m W x 4.8m H, wooden floor suitable for dance
  • performing area: 7.5m W x 7.2m D x max 6m H
  • forestage: 1.1m D in front of proscenium
  • wing spaces: 0.9m W SR, 0.9m W SL
  • suspension equipment: 7 counterweight lines, max load 100kg
  • soft hangings: black house curtain, black legs and borders
  • lighting: manual lighting board, 10 W beamers
  • sound: mixer, 4 loudspeakers, 12 microphones
  • backstage: 2 dressing rooms accommodating 10 persons
  • availability: available for hire

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