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Managed byPekinpah Association
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Past Events
  • 20 August 2015
    A concert by Boris Benko (Silence) with a local choir at Kum Song Music School in Pyongyang, North Korea
  • 19 August 2015
    Laibach’s Liberation Day Tour (feat. Silence) at Pongua theatre in Pyongyang, North Korea
  • 10 January to 11 January 2011
    Show Your Face! performance directed by Matjaž Pograjc featuring Betontanc, Silence musical duo (Slovenia), theater group and Ugisa Vitinša musicians (Latvia), within Under the Radar Festival, at 7.30 pm at La Mama in New York, USA

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Silence is a Slovene electronic and soundtrack music composing duo consisting of Boris Benko (singer and songwriter) and Primož Hladnik. The history of the group goes back to 1992. Apart from its carefully carved albums and career Silence is well known for its artistic collaboration with theatre directors. Silence has participated in the making of the theatre performances by Matjaž Pograjc, Tomaž Pandur, and Primož Ekart, and written the music for the Slovenian Girl film in 2009 (Vertigo/Emotionfilm 2009 production. Since 2006 the duo has collaborated also with Laibach; they co-authored the covers of national anthems for the Volk album (2006) and rearranged several tunes from the Sound of Music musical and three Korean glorification songs to be performed in North Korea (2015).


Silence released The Passion of the Cold album with 24 compositions written for (or inspired by) Tomaž Pandur's plays Baroque and Caligula in 2008. The score of the album was published by Pekinpah Association, featuring 124 pages of notations for piano pieces as well as choral and orchestral works. All copies are hand signed by Silence.

In 2012 the band released a highly-acclaimed 4th studio album, Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World (Songs for Two Pianos, Tactful Synths and Voice).

Electricity, featuring excerpts from the legendary film Ples v dežju (Dancing in the Rain, 1961) by Boštjan Hladnik

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