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Javna agencija za knjigo Republike Slovenije
Tržaška cesta 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 369 5820
Fax386 (0) 1 369 5830
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Founded byGovernment of the Republic of Slovenia
Aleš Novak, Director
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Katja Stergar, International Co-operation and Promotion
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Past Events
  • 13 March to 16 March 2014
    A presentation of Slovene books, authors and translations at the national stand organised by the Slovenian Book Agency, in co-operation with the Traduki network Slovene authors Gabriela Babnik, Aleš Debeljak, Goran Vojnović, and Stanka Hrastelj are put into focus, at the Leipzig Book Fair 2013 in Leipzig, Germany programme
  • 22 October 2013
    A literary evening with Suzana Tratnik and Damijan Šinigoj, supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Prague and Slovenian Book Agency, in Brno, Czech Republic programme
  • 9 October to 13 October 2013
    A presentation of Slovene books, authors and translations on the national stand by the Slovenian Book Agency in co-operation of the Traduki network, as well as a presentation of other publishing houses, at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany programme
  • 4 September to 9 September 2013
    Authors Drago Jančar and Mojca Kumerdej presenting their work at the Moscow International Book Fair, organised by the Slovenian Book Agency, joined by Slavko Pregl, supported by the Slovene Writers’ Association, in Moscow, Russia programme
  • 25 March to 28 March 2013
    Presentation of Slovenian children's and youth literature at the Bologna Children Book Fair 2013, by the Slovenian Book Agency, Miš Publishing House, Mladinska knjiga Publishing House, Morfem, Sanje ('Dreams') Publishing House, and Strip Art Features in Bologna, Italy programme
  • 24 March to 27 March 2013
    A presentation of Slovenian children's and youth literature at the Bologna Children Book Fair 2014 at the national stand by the Slovenian Book Agency and by the following publishing houses: Mladinska knjiga Publishing House, Morfem, Sanje ('Dreams') Publishing House, and Pivec Publishing House, and Peter Škerl's illustrations at the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition, in Bologna, Italy programme
  • 14 March to 17 March 2013
    Slovenian Book Agency presenting Slovene literature and authors at the Leipzig Book Fair in Leipzig, Germany programme
  • 28 May 2012
    Katja Stergar (Slovenian Book Agency) at the round table discussion and work meeting in Zagreb, Croatia programme
  • 19 March to 22 March 2012
    Presentation of Slovenian children and youth literature at the Bologna Children Book Fair 2012, by Slovenian Book Agency in Bologna, Italy programme
  • 15 March to 18 March 2012
    Slovene literature presented at the Leipzig Book Fair within the South Europe in Focus section and Traduki events with Primož Čučnik, Lidija Dimkovska, Tadej Golob, Maja Haderlap, Stanka Hrastelj, Drago Jančar, Maruša Krese, Vlado Kreslin, Mojca Kumerdej, Miha Mazzini, Urban Vovk, Sebastijan Pregelj and Lado Kralj, organised by the Slovenian Book Agency in Leipzig, Germany programme
  • 1 March to 5 March 2012
    Boris Pahor, Drago Jančar, Brina Svit, Lila Prap and Ela Peroci presented by Slovenian Book Agency at the Sex, Book and Rock'n'Roll - Foire du livre de Bruxelles 2012 in Bruxelles, Belgium programme

The Slovenian Book Agency is a public agency that was established in 2008 to engage the area of literature in a coordinated and uniform way. Its primary concerns are to facilitate better availability of books, to promote Slovene authors internationally, to financially support literary events, projects concerned with reading culture, publications of quality books and translations, and to regulate the process from the production to publication to distribution of literature.

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The agency provides funds for projects in the field of literature. It promotes Slovene works and authors, encourages the publication of quality writing, and provides grants as well as other means of support for authors. The agency facilitates international cooperation, especially translations of Slovenian books and their international promotion. It also oversees the correct implementation of the Public Lending Right, which comprises financial contributions to authors whose work is available in public libraries and scholarships for creative achievement. In addition, developing the bookstore network and increasing the availability of books are among the agency’s main aims. It supports the organisation of events and projects related to literature and reading culture.

The agency is a strong presence in promoting the importance of reading. In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Slovenian Public Libraries Association, the agency coordinates the project Growing up with a Book, which strives to raise interest in literature among children and young people by presenting them with selected books during their yearly visit to a public library. The campaign Read books, move it! aims to develop a positive attitude toward reading in secondary schools with the help of Slovene celebrities, whose example leads young people to take up books more often. The national campaign There is no game without drama brought together Eurobasket 2013, the Basketball Federation of Slovenia, the Slovene Publishers Society, and the Slovenian Booksellers Association in an effort to fuse culture and sports.

Between 2010 and 2011 when Ljubljana was World Book Capital City, the Slovenian Book Agency co-financed a publishers congress and a literary festival, as well as issued special price editions of a number of quality book titles.

The agency’s website features a databases of translations of Slovenian literature and a database of co-financed books since 2004.

International cooperation

The principal instruments of international promotion are professional advice, various grants, stands at international book fairs, and subsidies for international cooperation abroad. The agency also awards subsidies to translators for translations of literary works by Slovenian authors. The agency encourages authors to attend international events by allocating funds to this initiative.

The agency supports Slovenian lectureships abroad by providing them with Slovenian books and co-financing visits by Slovenian authors. It also actively collaborates with Slovene embassies around the globe and foreign embassies in Slovenia.

It organises an annual international Slovenian literature translation seminar, which provides outstanding translators of Slovenian literature with an opportunity to keep apprised of the contemporary Slovenian literary scene and to collaborate with Slovenian authors, critics, publishers, lecturers, and foreign colleagues. The seminar aims to increase the number of quality translations of Slovenian literature abroad and to engender close-knit connections between Slovenian authors, publishing houses, and translators.

Since 2009 the Slovenian Book Agency has been involved in the regional network for literature and books Traduki. The countries involved in the network are Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, and Switzerland. Their programme for supporting translations of fiction, contemporary scientific writing, children’s literature and literature for young people from the 20th and 21th centuries is also meant to facilitate exchanges between participants.

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