Cankarjev Dom/Gallus Hall


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  • type of venue: large multipurpose theatre;
  • main use: symphonic and chamber music, opera and ballet, drama, dance, jazz, entertainment, recitals, multimedia events, conventions;
  • seating: 1,403 seats total, seating capacity may be increased by 150 when forestage lifts are set at auditorium floor height;
  • proscenium opening: 20m W x 12.5m H;
  • performing area: 20m W x 18m D x 26m H to grid, flat stage floor incorporates 18m W x 6m D lift with 12m drop for under-stage scenery preparation, dance floor available;
  • forestage: three forestage lifts with max 0.9m drop;
  • wing spaces: 6m W x 18m D SR, 6m W x 18m D SL;
  • side stage: 13.5m W x 18m D SL;
  • suspension equipment: 24 electric lines, max load 500kg each, 24 counterweight lines, max load 500kg each, plus electric lines for 6 lighting bars, fire wall and house curtain, 12 point hoists, max load 150kg each;
  • soft hangings: gold house curtain, black tabs, traverse curtain, legs and borders, cyclorama, panorama;
  • stage equipment: simultaneous interpretation facilities into/from eight languages;
  • audio-visual equipment including slide and video projections, audio and video recording, cable and broadcast transmission; Karl Schuke 87-stop pipe organ, 2 Steinway D concert grand pianos, 2 Genies;
  • backstage: dressing rooms plus various additional areas shared with other venues accommodating 250 persons total;
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