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World Literatures - Fabula Festival

Fabula Festival ‒ Literature of the World is the biggest and most visited literary festival in Slovenia and the wider region. Produced by the Beletrina Publishing Institute in collaboration with Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Centre the festival brings together world-class authors through well-considered curatorship. Each year, the festival aims to select five distinguished writers, while the Fabula Hub devotes attention to promising, up-and-coming authors. In addition to hosting renowned writers and establishing live contact between international literature and Slovenian audiences, translated works of the chosen five are also published as part of the festival. The festival also features a theoretical focus addressing a relevant social issue every year - raising topical socio-critical issues it addresses contemporary challenges.

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1 Fabula - Literature of the World 2023 Opening of the Fabula 2023 with Oksana Zabužko.jpg Opening event of Fabula Festival 2023 hosted the Ukrainian writer Oksana Zabužko, author of the novel Field Research of Ukrainian Sex, that was interpreted by drama actor Mario Dragojević. The conversation with the author was led by Ksenija Horvat. database

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Slovene art abroad 2010 – 2023

Current events

Upcoming events

  • 27 Feb 2024

    Austria Vienna Wiener Hofburgkapelle



    A live performance of accordionist Borut Mori and guitarist Andrej Ofak, presenting the album "Echoes of Drava River".

    at the Akkordeon festival

  • 29 Feb 2024


    1 Mar 2024

    Germany Frankfurt am Main Gallus Theater




    Three performances of "Things Thing - Reči reči", a children's play about things and ... well, things. Produced by Emanat Institute and coproduced by Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, in collaboration with FELD Theater für junges Publikum Berlin.

    at the Theaterfestival Starke Stücke

  • 6 Apr 2024


    7 Apr 2024

    Canada Ottawa Club SAW,Ottawa Art Gallery



    An international symposium focusing on the intersection of art and science, "SCI_ART 2". Organised by Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Ottawa, SAW, Austrian Embassy, Austrian Cultural Forum Ottawa, Embassy of Denmark, Embassy of France, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Embassy of Norway, Embassy of Bulgaria and Culture Ireland.


Festivals in Slovenia

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Festivals in slovenia 2012.jpgThe printed version of the calendar of Festivals in Slovenia in 2012 contains 141 festivals. Later on, in 2019, the festival number rose to 199. Check out the current annual festivalscape.


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Fields of Experimental Music in Slovenia

Luka T. Zagoričnik

Let's take a ride on the term experimental music, which currently mainly defines certain more fringe musical practices, across the expanses of various musical plains, styles and genres. We can apply this (overly) broad term to designate the varied creative simmering in certain segments of the present-day Slovenian music scene. A scene that spans the realms of electro-acoustic music, musique concrète, experimental music in the context of modern classical music, free improvisation, experimental electronic music and sound art as well as their associated present-day trends. This scene is diverse and exceptionally agile. It has developed a strong infrastructure for itself (festivals, concert series, labels, international networks) and exists in the space between self-organising and DIY models and institutional environments.


Zarkolom Tadej Droljc Lunchmeat Festival 2020.jpg Žarkolom, Tadej Droljc at Lunchmeat Festival, 2020

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