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Klovnbuf Festival

Bufeto Institute is the first professional institute in Slovenia to introduce and develop the theatre of clown – a synthesis of clowning, circus skills, and acting. By merging circus traditions with dramaturgical principles, they question the boundaries of classical theatre as well as those of a typical circus show. They produce their own pieces and run an educational program, offering courses and symposiums led by nationally and internationally renowned teachers. Since 2008, they have organized the Klovnbuf Festival, an international Festival of New Circus and Contemporary Clown, which takes place each year in Ljubljana, usually in June, at indoor and outdoor venues.

Klovnbuf Festival is a festival of laughter that is to be taken seriously, as it brings together theater and circus arts and artists. The aim of the festival is to allow Slovenian audiences to encounter the most up-to-date trends and watch the most interesting shows of contemporary circus from all over Europe and beyond. Klovnbuf presents a variety of shows for general audiences of all ages and offers master classes and courses for those who have a creative interest in the contemporary circus.

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Rauxa-Kriza Klovnbuf GabyMerz.jpg Spanish circus artists Xavi Sánchez and Analia Serenelli from group Rauxa, Klovnbuf Festival 2024. Author: Gaby Merz

Idrija Lace Festival

For centuries, the town of Idrija has been associated with mining and lacemaking as its trademarks. The Idrija Lace Festival has presented works of Idrija Lace (idrijska čipka) since the early 1980s. Every June, lacemakers show their creations in the streets of Idrija, lacemaking competitions and exhibitions are organized, and thematic lacemaking workshops are held. It is also possible to buy technical equipment for lacemaking and to view exhibitions of other folk trades and crafts.

This vivid festival is accompanied by international lacemakers' gatherings, workshops, demonstrations, competitions, concerts, and outdoor parties.

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Idrija Lace Festival 2007 Installation Photo Jani Peternelj.jpg Installation view at a contemporary lace exhibition, Idrija Lace Festival 2007. Author: Jani Peternelj database

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Slovene art abroad 2010 – 2024

Current events

  • 13 Jun 2024


    30 Sep 2024

    Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Ex-YU Rock Centar Sarajevo


    Opening of an exhibition "Slovenian Rock - Slovenski rock". Organised by Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Sarajevo in honour of Slovenian Statehood Day.

  • 7 Jun 2024


    7 Sep 2024

    France Poitiers La Fanzinothèque,Le Confort Moderne




    The exhibition "Thirty Years of Making a Scene - Trideset let na sceni" by Stripburger. The opening will be hosted by Stripburger's editor Tanja Skale and comic artist Andrej Štular. As part of the exhibition, there will also be a comics workshop by Andrej Štular on the 8th of June. Co-funded by Slovenian Book Agency.

  • 6 Jun 2024


    17 Jun 2024

    United States of America New York New Museum of Art and Technology



    Intermedia artist Robertina Šebjanič will be premiering her project "CO_SONIC 38,144 km²" as part of the Immersive programme. She will also be participating in the Artist talk on the 6th of June.

    at the TRIBECA Immersive 2024


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Fields of Experimental Music in Slovenia

Luka T. Zagoričnik

Let's take a ride on the term experimental music, which currently mainly defines certain more fringe musical practices, across the expanses of various musical plains, styles and genres. We can apply this (overly) broad term to designate the varied creative simmering in certain segments of the present-day Slovenian music scene. A scene that spans the realms of electro-acoustic music, musique concrète, experimental music in the context of modern classical music, free improvisation, experimental electronic music and sound art as well as their associated present-day trends. This scene is diverse and exceptionally agile. It has developed a strong infrastructure for itself (festivals, concert series, labels, international networks) and exists in the space between self-organising and DIY models and institutional environments.


Zarkolom Tadej Droljc Lunchmeat Festival 2020.jpg Žarkolom, Tadej Droljc at Lunchmeat Festival, 2020

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