From was designed to help different types of users connect with Slovene arts and culture.

Producers can find information needed to help them start new collaborations with Slovene producers and funding organisations.

Event and festival organisers can browse through a variety of Slovene artists and artistic groups, as well as find partners to help them organise events by Slovene artists abroad.

International artists and artistic groups, interested in performing or presenting themselves in Slovenia, can find lists of festivals and event organisers, descriptions of their work and their contact information.

Researchers and journalists will benefit from carefully organised time lines and texts which provide historical information and articles covering the various fields of art and culture in Slovenia.

Students and educators can find information on diverse opportunities for professional education and training in different fields of arts and heritage.

Designers of promotional materials can choose from a wide range of images and logos in vector format, ready to use under conditions specified for each image or logo.

Tourists and visitors to Slovenia can find information on cultural events in Slovenia and lists and descriptions of monuments, sites and museums they may want to visit during their stay. is an open portal, which means everyone can contribute to its contents. The portal's editorial board makes sure to check each new entry to verify all new content and information. Each new contact is thus edited and proofread for English, making a referential site for translations of Slovene names of organisations, groups, festivals, etc. in English. (NOTE: Articles that are tagged "still in progress" may not yet have been proofread.) welcomes contributions from all users and encourages all featured organisations, groups, producers, etc. to check their profile regularly. It also invites all Slovenian artists and artist groups to provide information on presentations of their work abroad.

To contribute to you need to contact the Editorial Desk, more information on Content Reuse you can find here Content Reuse.

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