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Audiovisual Training and Networking

Sabina Briški Karlić

The cultural and creative sectors (CCS), including film and audiovisual, have been amongst the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis, which has also accelerated the existing trends in AV training and capacity building. The Motovila team explored how three Creative Europe co-funded AV training programmes for project development (with important connections to Slovenia) have been dealing with the sudden changes and effects imposed by the turbulent events of 2020.

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EAVE brainstorming with Ankica Juric Tilic.jpg EAVE training events are known for their high-profile expert guests and hands-on interactive experiences such as this brainstorming session with Croatian film producer and EAVE group leader Ankica Jurić Tilić. Photo: ©Frank Schoepgens

Film web resources

SFDatabase, Slovenian film database – find titles or people, awards
SFC – conditions for film, audiovisual and cinematographic activities
SFC Film Catalogues – consult the catalogues of Slovenian shorts, docus, animations, long-feature films
Filminslovenia, Film Commission – shoot your film in Slovenia

Upcoming events abroad

  • 27 Apr 2024

    Canada Toronto Scotiabank Theatre 5



    A projection of "Woman of God - Duhovnica" by director Maja Prettner and producer Nataša Vugrinec. The documentary will be included as a part of the "Changing Face of Europe" programme, shaped by European Film Promotion (EFP) network. The programme is supported by Slovenian Film Centre.

    at the Hot Docs Festival

  • 7 May 2024

    Hungary Budapest Toldi Cinema



    A projection of Maja Prettner documentary "Woman of God - Duhovnica".

    at the Little Europe Film Festival

  • 7 Dec 2024

    Czech Republic Brno Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University



    A projection of "Vesna" by director František Čáp, widely considered the first Slovene comedy film. On the occasion of France Prešeren's birth, 110th anniversary of Čáp's birth and the film's 70th anniversary, organised by Masaryk University and Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Prague.


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Slovenian Film Centre

Slovenian Film Centre (SFC) is a public body that supports Slovene film production, post-production, and distribution. The center organises Slovenia’s main national film festival, the Festival of Slovenian Film and grants awards for outstanding achievements in Slovene cinema. It is responsible for the cultural presentation and promotion of Slovene films at home and abroad. One of its tasks is also to promote the development of scriptwriting (through public competitions, workshops and meetings).

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