DokuBazaar, Ljubljana Independent Documentary Film Festival


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DokuBazaar, neodvisni ljubljanski festival dokumentarnega filma
Škrabčeva ulica 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Festival dates1.10.2012 - 3.10.2012
30.9.2013 - 2.10.2013
27.10.2014 - 29.10.2014
21.9.2015 - 23.9.2015
20.11.2017 - 22.11.2017
Sašo Niskač
Online accounts:

Past Events
  • 6 February 2012
    Graz Short Film Night 2012, short docs from Central and Eastern Europe in focus, organised by DokuBazaar at Art cinema Filmzentrum im Rechbauerkino in Graz, Austria

DokuBazaar, Ljubljana Independent Documentary Film Festival is a transnational independent documentary film festival which took off in 2009. It is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary short and feature documentaries and their authors from all over the world, striving to present the most diverse and imaginative works. It is primarily held in Klub Gromka, though it can also be partly stationed at the Trubar Literature House and the Tovarna Rog. It usually lasts about 3 or 4 days and is held sometime in early autumn. The Ljubljana International Short Film Festival is its spring counterpart, also taking place in Gromka.


The festival programme usually brings about 40 films of all sorts and does not feature any competitive sections. Sometimes, it does hold special focuses like "Zoom Finland", "Zoom Israel" and similar. The presented movies are chosen through an open call by the festival, and have come from Poland, Afghanistan, Switzerland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Spain, Ecuador, Germany, Finland, Mali, etc.

Accompanying Programme

DokuBazaar occasionally features photography exhibitions at the Celica Hostel, where it, for example, presented the Finnish artist Maria Kankkunen and a retrospective of contemporary Norwegian documentary photography. The year 2015 also saw the Children First: Anthropological Film Festival of Children and Youth, a separate festival organised by a team partly connected to DokuBazaar.

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