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The [[0.1 Institute]], founded in 2016, is a creative and conceptual platform for research into and the production of contemporary art practice and theory, with a particular focus on movement as it pertains to the performing (dance, puppetry, physical theatre) and non-performing (film, visual arts, music, intermedia) arts.  +
Launched in 2011, ''[[13brat.net]]'' is a music webzine in Slovenian, which mainly revolves around the hardcore, punk and metal music scenes.  +
The [[2 Reels - Association for Reanimation of Storytelling]] was born in 2007 out of the wish to cultivate and to promote storytelling in all its forms.  +
[[3biro Architects]] is an architectural studio based in Ljubljana and founded in 2007 by [[Janez Koželj]], [[Tina Rupar Kobe]] and [[Blaž Rupar]].  +
Established in 2005, the [[3rdHand Association]] (Društvo Tretaroka) is an organisation of quite a diverse and elusive character.  +
[[4th Dritl Virtual Museum|4th Dritl]] is a physical and virtual mining museum established as part of [[Delavski dom Trbovlje Cultural Centre]] in 2017.  +
[[666 Productions]] is the production vehicle for [[Tomaž Gorkič]] since 1999.  +
[[A.A.C. Productions]] was founded by Slovene film maker [[Igor Šterk]] in 1993 as one of the first independent film production companies in Slovenia.  +
Established in 1992, [[A Atalanta]] is an independent film, video and TV production company based in Ljubljana.  +
[[A.biro]] was established in 1999 by [[Miloš Florjančič]].  +
This section looks at the long history of the country, spanning from Roman times to the third millennium, and stretching between the Alps, the Adriatic and the Pannonian Plain.  +
Established in 1969, the [[Academic Choir France Prešeren, Kranj|Academic Choir France Prešeren]] has worked with many world-renowned composers and conductors, including Jiři Belohlavek, Fabio Luisi, John Rutter, Leonti Wolf, Andre Ducret, Eric Ericson, Gary Graden, and Ariel Ramirez.  +
The [[Academic Choir Tone Tomšič, University of Ljubljana|Academic Choir Tone Tomšič (APZ Tone Tomšič)]] is a long-established, versatile and internationally successful choir, mostly made up of students from the [[University of Ljubljana]].  +
The [[Academy of Fine Arts and Design]] (ALUO) was established in 1945 and has been housed since then on Erjavčeva Street.  +
The [[Academy of Fine Arts and Design]] exhibits its [[Academy of Fine Arts Collection|Fine Arts Collection]] on its premises in Ljubljana.  +
The [[Academy of Music]] is a member of the [[University of Ljubljana]] (UL) and the only higher educational institution for music in Slovenia.  +
The [[Academy of Music Library]] is a small library which houses a collection of 23,000 specialised items of music literature.  +
The [[Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra]] was established in 1948 when the [[Academy of Music|Academy]] itself was reorganised.  +
Originally founded in the first post-war months of 1945 as the Academy of Dramatic Arts for the education of actors, directors and playwrights, in 1963 this institution was renamed as the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) and in 1975 it later became a Faculty of the [[University of Ljubljana]].  +
[[Acerbic distribution]], established in 2012, operates as an anarchist distribution network with the aim to make anarchist and radical political theory more accessible.  +
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