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Phone386 (0) 31 829 961
Tomaž Gorkič, Head of production

Phone386 (0) 31 829 961

Blade Production & Production House 666 & Strup Productions 2014 Idila Idyll 01.jpgNina Ivanišin in the lead role of the amateur photo model Zina in Idila [Idyll], a film by Tomaž Gorkič that "plays with the genre pattern of a horrifying confrontation between rural an urban". Presented also at the 68th Cannes Festival Film Market, 2015

666 Productions is the production vehicle for Tomaž Gorkič since 1999. At first, its primary focus was concert and festival organisation and promotion (with bands such as Deicide, Marduk, Agent Steel, Immortal, Extreme Noise Terror, etc.), but after a few years, 666 Productions immersed itself exclusively into video, with its first product being a music video for Deca Debilane back in 2004. In the last decade or so, Tomaž has been the sole Slovene film author who works extensively in the genres of horror and gore. During this time, he has often cooperated with Strup Productions and Blade Production.

Tomaž Gorkič

Up until 2014, Tomaž's primary outputs were short films and music videos, but this has changed with the production of the feature-length film Idila (Idyll). Featuring a cast of popular and well-known Slovene actors, it falls under the horror genre, a genre with little precedence in the history of Slovene filmography. In 2019 he released the feature film The Curse of Valburga and is now developing the film Metod about the Slovenian serial killer Metod Trobec.

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