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Contact info
Grossmannov festival fantastičnega filma in vina
Prešernova 17, SI-9240 Ljutomer
Phone386 (0) 41 380 517
Organised byKTD Festival Ljutomer
 Filmska praksa PLAN 9
 Municipality of Ljutomer
Festival dates15.7.2014 - 19.7.2014
14.7.2015 - 18.7.2015
12.7.2016 - 16.7.2016
11.7.2017 - 15.7.2017
10.7.2018 - 14.7.2018
16.7.2019 - 20.7.2019
Peter Beznec, Managing Director
Phone386 (0) 41 380 517
Tomaž Horvat, Programme Director
Phone386 (0) 41 345 675
Eva Žgajner, Head of Public Relations
Online accounts:
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Past Events
  • 13 May to 18 May 2016
    A presentation of Slovene cinematography and the Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival at the South-East European Pavillion at the Cannes International Film Festival at Village International Riviera N. 134 in Cannes, France

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Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival is a specialised competitive festival which focuses on contemporary genre film production, mostly on the genres of horror and fantasy films. It was launched in 2005 on the 100th anniversary of Slovene cinema and is dedicated to Dr. Karol Grossmann (1864–1929), the pioneer of Slovene cinema as he made the first film shots in 1905.

The Grossmann Festival takes place in different locations in the city of Ljutomer, usually in the last week of July, and it is without question the most unconventional Slovene film festival. Lately its film programme was hosted post festum also in Zagreb, Belgrade, Lyon and Cannes. Upon the invitation by the Slovenian Film Centre the Grossmann Festival frequently presents their activities at the Marché du Film in Cannes.

Festival history and policy

The Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival was initiated by Filmska praksa PLAN 9 and Development Agency of Prlekija, and put on the map with help of European Structural Fund. Today the festival is run by the recently established KTD Festival Ljutomer organisation in collaboration with the above mentioned partners.

Although it is a relatively young and small festival event it has quickly became one of the regular meeting points for professionals and fans of genre film production, especially the genre of horror and fantasy films, in the Balkan region and beyond. Its concept is fresh, original, and simply charming. Namely, the Grossmann Festival's focus on genre film production doesn't include blockbusters and mainstream films but rather the new digital guerrilla, independent, and low budget films, that destined to become cult. The official festival policy is guided by the wish to present those films that are trying to escape the "mediocrity, political correctness and pathetic desire for mass appeal" of the contemporary genre films and to bring some fresh blood and danger into the festival.

The festival includes not just the screenings of the film programme but also the promotion of local wines – "the pride and joy of the Prlekija region" – and other gastronomical pleasures.


The programme of the Grossmann Festival is divided into 9 sections and 3 of those are competitive: the Vicious Cats section of feature length films, the Slak's Vicious Cats section (named in honour of film director Franci Slak (1953–2007)) of short films and the Noisy Cats section of music documentaries. Retrospectives are one of the strongest sections since in past years they have managed to invite many cult and legendary directors like Roger Corman, Jörg Buttgereitt and Ruggero Deodato. Music documentaries are screened also out of competition in the Off Noisy Cats section. The Digital Mayhem section is dedicated to films on digital support, while the Mondo Macabro special section includes restored forgotten classics from the wild side of world cinema published on DVD by the Mondo Macabro label. The Torture Garden is meant only for the most persistent since it offers 9 hours of furious blasts of weird, rare, strange and mad films, while the Vicious Festival Harvest sections brings selected films from partner festivals: the Australian A Night of Horror, the Festival of Serbian Fantasy Films, the Croatian Trash Film Festival.


The Grossmann Festival has 6 official festival awards as each of the three main festival sections has its own award - cf. the Vicious Cat Awards for Hudi maček award details. Since the Grossmann Festival is also a festival of wine, the Vicious Cat Wine Champion award is conferred. Sometimes the number of awards can change as the Grossmann festival is also unorthodox in that regard and so new awards are introduced (like the Special Slovenian Award at the 2009 edition).

Workshops and special events

The Grossmann festival has many parallel events to the main film programme, from book presentations and exhibitions to concerts. Although they are not traditional a great deal of attention goes to the workshops as they are usually led by visiting artists or professionals. For example the Make Your Own Damn Movie! workshop in 2007, an intensive master-class on the shooting and promotion of low-budget films, was led by Lloyd Kaufman.

The Grossmann Festival also regularly organises special events like the Zombie Walk – a procession of the undead (make-up is made by professionals attending the festival) through the streets of Ljutomer, and a traditional festival of wine (with wine road tours, exhibitions, lectures, wine tastings and presentations). Since the excellent wine of this region is the only official drink of the festival it is advised for one to bring some fresh water with.

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