From brings you a comprehensive overview of organisations and working practices in the field of arts and heritage in Slovenia. Its main aim is to facilitate international cooperation and to promote major international cultural events in Slovenia and cultural events from Slovenia happening abroad.

Featured content

Featured content is written by our staff and selected contributors, experts in their respective fields. It focuses on current activities and issues in cultural production and policy. Each article includes basic information such as contacts and other important data, as well as a more comprehensive explanation to help the reader understand the context of each featured organisation, festival, academy, etc. also offers a wide selection of images, related to the featured articles, as well as a comprehensive bank of logotypes in vector format.


Through extensive categorisation of each article, offers numerous topic lists for specific needs of certain groups of culture professionals. You can quickly access lists of producers, venues or festivals from the left navigation menu. In addition, there are over 400 categories which can help you to quickly find a list of professional music associations or a list of venues in the Štajerska region, or more general lists such as museums in Slovenia, periodicals published in Slovenia, or web resources.


A portal is an introductory page for a given topic. It complements the main article of the discipline by introducing the reader to key articles, images, and categories that further describe the subject.

Arts or Heritage?

All about the current state either in contemporary arts or in the field of heritage. You can browse content in contemporary arts by 9 artistic disciplines : Architecture, Dance, Design, Film, Literature, Music, New Media Arts, Theatre, and Visual Arts. Heritage is divided into 3 major sectors: Intangible heritage, Monuments & Sites, and Museums.

Each of the 9 art disciplines is further divided into subcategories while also offering a complete list of articles featured in a specific art discipline.

Heritage sectors provide information on different organisations working in the heritage field as well as a list of monuments and sites, important for Slovene heritage.

Overviews and timelines

Overviews are comprehensive texts which shed light on the development and current status of specific cultural domains in Slovenia. They were mainly designed to help researchers and journalists find the information they need faster and help place it into the broader context of Slovene culture.

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