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Deca Debilane
Matjaževa 11, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Tomaž Gorkič
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Deca Debilane (roughly translated as "Children of Debility") is a long-distance underground band from Ljubljana. After more than 20 years of its existence, including its earlier eccentric performances, the band with changing personnel still produces trashy, dilettante noisy music with firm hardcore roots and a "spit into the pop establishment" attitude. As can be read somewhere, "their music is as much an experiment as it is a painful provocation. Origins can be found in axis of teethgrinding hardcore-grind-industrial-metal-punk-jazz-noise now transfered into modern ritual music".

They recorded and released a number of cassettes, 7inch vinyls and CD-Rs (usually as split-tapes) from the mid-nineties onwards, but their only full length album so far is the self-titled release at ZARŠ Records in 2010.

Some sort of an artistic extension of the band's aesthetics can be glimpsed from the work of Tomaž Gorkič, the band's drummer who is also a notable horror film author and producer at Blade Production.

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