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Založba Radia Študent (ZARŠ)
Published byRadio Študent (RŠ)
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When ZARŠ Records was set up by Radio Študent (RŠ) in 2008 as its subdivision, this was in a way both a logical and a necessary step. It was logical as a continuation of its four-decade involvement in the Slovenian musical scene as a promoter, evaluator, and selector of those musical genres and forms, whose aesthetics in one way or another went against the grain of the general taste. In addition, because the times have been rather bad for the commercially viable recording, publishing, and promoting of alternative music, they called for this type of intervention into the music publishing field.

As a complement not only to the label but as an attempt to collaborate and provide infrastructure for other independent music publishers, Radio Študent has in recent years also set up the web-portal Indie-grad and the annual TRESK Festival.

Publishing programme

Since its first release of an album by Žoambo Žoet Workestrao, a number of Radio Študent Records protégés like Nikki Louder, Barely Modern, and more recently TRUS! have managed to garner quite wide recognition. The label has also filled a noticeable void in publishing the more contemporary takes on jazz music and some other genres, which are less supported by the other remaining independent labels. With over 50 published albums as of 2017, alongside the aforementioned bands, the label has released records by Kukushai, All Strings Detached, Širom, Rok Zalokar Trio, Žiga Murko, Incurabili, Spock Studios, Lolita, Buldogi, Ana Pupedan, and others.

Many of the bands or acts produced were first also protagonists of the Club Marathon, a series of gigs for young and promising bands and musicians.

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