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Ana Pupedan
Petelinje 2a, SI-6257 Pivka
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Ana Pupedan, a band from Pivka, started to perform at exhibition openings, in country pubs, and clubs, and outdoors in 1992. The name of the band comes from the Primorska regional dialect for the Slovenian ena popoldne, which literary means "one in the afternoon", transformed into a name and surname. The band members of Ana Pupedan are: Simon Avsec - voice, Boštjan Požar - guitar, Peter Žnidaršič - bass, and Marko Doles - percussion.

In more than 15 years the band has performed all around Slovenia with its cheerful critical songs mixed with ethno melos at several venues: Novi Rock 1994, KUD France Prešeren Arts and Culture Association, CRMK Nova Gorica, MKC Koper Youth and Culture Centre, KGB Nova Gorica, Nada Žagar Youth Club (MKNŽ) Ilirska Bistrica, Bela krajina Youth Cultural Club (MKK Črnomelj), B-51 Cultural Society, Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Zone, Palma Ljubljana and Life Domžale. The band has also played concerts in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Ukraine, and the USA.


An ethno version of the band's music has been performed by an Ana Pupedan alias band called Ante Upedanten Banda. Prior to 2010 the band has recorded four CDs: Anje Pupedanju, Ante prupagandni balar, an untitled album made at the Pivka House of Culture, and Na domači brjači, published by Radio Študent (RŠ) record label. The band composed the introduction song for the popular TV-sitcom Vrtičkarji [Gardeners], aired on Television Slovenia in 2000. They also played in the theatre play Viže inu griže, in co-production with Prešeren Theatre Kranj, and composed music for the animation series Bizgeci [The Buffons], produced by Studio Maj.

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