Bela krajina Youth Cultural Club (MKK Črnomelj)


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Contact info
Mladinski kulturni klub Bele krajine (MKK Črnomelj)
Trg Svobode 1, SI-8340 Črnomelj
Phone386 (0) 7 305 3616
Fax386 (0) 7 305 3931
Klemen Vitkovič, President
Phone386 (0) 40 612 396
Sanela Hodžić, MCC Bit Head
Phone386 (0) 40 612 396
Online accounts:
instagram  facebook  

The Bela krajina Youth Cultural Club - MKK Črnomelj - was established in 1992, after 4 years of campaigning by the local student association. Today the club with its members hosts a vivid and significant club scene for the Bela Krajina region of south-eastern Slovenia. Innovative music, theatre, visual arts, literary, and new media events have taken place. Music groups (Broken Lock, Skartizani, Go.bE), one fine arts group, a photography and a literature section, and many individuals in the region collaborate with creative minds from other regions. MKK Črnomelj is one of the venues of the Club Marathon of Radio Študent.


In 2005 the Youth Centre - Bit (Mladinski center Bit) was established by MKK Bela Krajina and Bela Krajina Student Club. The Info Centre office of the MC Bit is located at the MKK Črnomelj.

The programme in the venue mostly contains the programme of the MKK: regular Friday and Saturday evenings with bands and DJs, audio-visual performances, theatre, literature, travelogues, round-table talks, volunteer work, social games, reading and more.


  • type of venue: technically solid equipped multifunctional club hall with 50 seats total (plus 150 standing stalls)
  • performing space: 6m W x 4m D x 3m H within overall space 13m D x 7m W x 3m H
  • backstage: dressing rooms accommodating 10 persons in total
  • availability: available for hire as both performance and rehearsal space

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