Ljubljana International Short Film Festival

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Contact info
Ljubljanski mednarodni festival kratkih filmov
Masarykova 24, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Organised byTransit Film Bazaar
Festival dates30.3.2015 - 1.4.2015
12.5.2017 - 14.5.2017
15.1.2019 - 17.1.2019
Sašo Niskač
Online accounts:

The Ljubljana International Short Film Festival (LISFF) (alternately called Transit Film Bazaar or Transit Short Film Festival) is both a firmly localised independent film festival held each March at Klub Gromka – and also a transitory, highly unconventional entity producing film presentations, screenings and festivals all around Europe. It is promoting non-commercial and independent fiction, documentary, experimental and animation short films, organising the festival and its international projects in a firm DIY manner. Entrance to all of the screenings is free of charge.

The festival, which took of in 2009, is involved in a network of art cinemas, cinematheques and film clubs across Europe, from Oslo to Tirana. Its partner festival, which is more or less also stationed in Klub Gromka, is the autumn held DokuBazaar, Ljubljana Independent Documentary Film Festival.

International programme

The festival has gotten its international, travelling nature in 2010, when it co-produced events like Graz Short Film Night. Later it established the Balkan Film Bazaar vehicle, which showcased a selection of Ex-Yugoslavian short films (gathered for the Ljubljana edition) in the cities of Graz, Oslo and Helsinki.

In 2013, LISFF started to set up country focused film selections like Zoom Austria, Zoom Swedenor Zoom Hungary and travelled to the cities of Tirana, Belgrade, Oslo, Budapest, Sofia, Grachanica, Prishtina, Munich, Maribor and Jerusalem. This project was broadened in 2015 with the Zoom Short Film Night, which was also hosted in Tel Aviv, Prishtina, Tirana and Grachanica.

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