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Contact info
Hostel Celica
Metelkova 8, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 230 9700
Fax386 (0) 1 230 9714
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Founded byStudent Organisation of the University of Ljubljana
Managed byZavod Šouhostel
Tomaž Juvan, Director
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Tanja Lipovec, Public Relations
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Situated in the centre of Ljubljana, Celica Hostel stands within the former military complex that was developed during the 1990s into the Metelkova mesto Autonomous Cultural Zone, an alternative culture territory with numerous clubs, studios, galleries and a very distinctive architecture. The building that now houses the hostel is a former military prison, hence also the name Celica Hostel, with celica meaning a (prison) cell.

The former cells were renovated into 20 uniquely designed rooms by more than 80 Slovene and foreign artists (among them Anthony Gormley and Giovanni Morbin), invited for this project by the Sestava Society. Besides its distinctive look, the hostel boasts a gallery, a small museum, a special room to chill and meditate and a garden, where music concerts often take place during the summer. Due to all that, Celica has received multiple awards, among them being the title of the "No.1 hippest hostel in the world", given by Lonely Planet.

Opening its doors in 2003, the hostel is now run by the Šouhostel Institute, a non-profit organisation established by the Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana.

Art programmes

Besides being located at Metelkova, the centre of Ljubljana's alternative cultural happenings, the hostel itself is also a venue for various cultural programmes: jam sessions by Slovene and foreign musicians take place every Tuesday, and literary events or concerts are held on Fridays. They are organised either indoors or in the summer garden, where each start of June the Godibodi Festival also takes place.

Celica Hostel's small gallery space, the Srečišče ("Meeting Point") Gallery, hosts monthly art exhibitions that feature works by both established as well as emerging artists. Most of Celica's events and exhibitions are organised by KUD Sestava, though other institutions also occasionally set up their events there. Additionally, the hostel regularly hosts workshops, poetry readings, debates and presentations on various themes, from literature, philosophy and music to nature, aesthetics and history, etc.

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