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The Modern Art Archive, Museum of Modern Art department collects printed matter and press clippings related to exhibitions of Slovene artists (digitised with the special Razstava (“Exhibition”) software programme). It has also built an archive and press clipping service of articles containing biographical and bibliographical and also other data on Slovene 20th- and 21st-century artists (digitised with the Umetnik (“Artist”) computer programme).

A selection of the two databases is available online through the Raz Ume Database. It currently contains over 13,500 artists, more than 8,300 exhibitions and 170 photographs. (Interestingly, Raz_Ume is a play on words using Raz from Razstava, "exhibition" and Ume from Umetnik, "artist" to create the Slovenian expression "He/She understands".) The database is synchronised with the Web Museum repository, archiving digital audiovisual contemporary art and time-based art.

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