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Contact info
Ljubljanska mreža info točk (L’MIT)
Stari trg 21, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 1 421 3142, 386 (0) 41 872123
Managed byŠKUC Info Centre
Ivana Naceva, Coordinator
Online accounts:
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Founded in 1998, the Ljubljana Network of Info Points (L'MIT) is a network organisation and online resource linking nine information centres for young people in Ljubljana, the non-governmental organisations: DrugArt, Info Point Fužine, Elf's Reading Room at KUD Anarhiv, Oton Župančič Library, Youth Information Centre (Info točka MIC), ŠKUC Info Centre, DIC Legebitra, MOBIN Institute and MISSS Institute.

The network coordinator ŠKUC Info Centre maintains a database of youth organisations, associations, ministries, and other offices in the Municipality of Ljubljana engaged in education, activism, culture, education, and funding.

The network is mostly aimed at youth, between 14 and 30 years of age, living, studying, or working in Ljubljana. During the school year, Ljubljana becomes a vibrant student city playing host to some 70,000 young people. Those interested in spending their leisure time in a meaningful and fun way – especially at a low-cost or free of charge – will find L'MIT an indispensable source of information. Activities range from creative writing workshops, educational seminars, drawing and painting courses, to swimming in one of the city pools during the summer. The online database on the network's website is a useful tool, benefiting users and organisations alike.

International cooperation

The ŠKUC Info Centre is accredited by the European Voluntary Service (EVS) as a sending organisation. The network's search engine and youth organisation database facilitate invaluable support for incoming and outgoing volunteers who would like to spend their time in Ljubljana.


The Ljubljana Mobility Info Point was established to animate the youth at distant elementary and secondary schools, at the faculties or in student resort centres through sharing information.

Another quite popular project grew out of a line of open calls that have collected answers on the question What makes me happy. Every year a dozen of simple, witty and unusual ideas are illustrated and printed out as colourful postcards, making a collection of 60 items already.

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