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Contact info, iskalnik po podatkih o arhivskem gradivu v slovenskih regionalnih arhivih
Founded byConsortium of regional archives (website).png was launched in 2009 as an internet search engine comprised of the databases of six Slovene regional archives. The browser enables users to search through the archive materials in a simple and uniform manner.

Data bases

The browser is designed for archivists, professionals, and everyone interested in the archive materials. The consortium SIRAnet comprises: the Regional Archives Koper, Regional Archives Maribor, Regional Archives Nova Gorica, Historical Archives Celje, Historical Archives Ljubljana, and Historical Archives Ptuj. The browser is limited to regional archives, thus excluding the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia from its search results.

The mutual database SIRAnet is directly connected to other web sources, such as: COBISS - Slovene Virtual Library, Geopedia - Interactive atlas of Slovenia, and the Surveying and Mapping Authority of Republic of Slovenia at the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning.

Search options

The search engine allows users to search the databases in six different languages and in four different ways: full text search, field search, active plan search, and descriptor search. In addition, registered users can also modify the user interface (number of results per page, adjustment of field search, etc).

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  • SIRAnet website (in Slovenian, English, German, French, Italian, and Dutch)
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