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EKumba Database

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eKumba is an online database of the Centre for Theatre and Film Studies, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) where one can browse through and search the complete archives of the AGRFT Library and Video Library, the Film and Television Department Archives. Conceived as a multimedia catalogue of theatre and cinema related materials in 2004, eKumba can also be accessed by the general public. All the materials are meant just for personal use. (website).png is a regional library portal which features information on cultural heritage, new library and archive acquisitions and activities, local cultural and reading events, and educational content. The information, documents, images, and other materials available at Kamra are shared by Slovene public libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions. Thus localised content is made readily accessible to a wide audience online. The project was initiated in 2005 by 10 regional libraries and was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture.

Since 2011 Celje Central Library manages the portal, while the Slovene regional libraries and the Slovenian Public Libraries Association provide and edit the content. The content of may also be accessed via Europeana – the European digital library.

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