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Digitalna knjižnica (PEI)
Gerbičeva 62, SI-1000 Ljubljana
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Published byEducational Research Institute (ERI)
Igor Ž. Žagar, Editor in Chief

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The Digital Library of the Educational Research Institute (ERI) was established in 2009 as a digital, non-printed editorial and publishing platform. It is a platform for comprehensive digital publishing of scientific literature, both in single and multi-author monographs and textbooks, as well as in scientific and critical editions of sources.

Background and aims

The Digital Library was created as project of the Educational Research Institute (ERI). It is intended to publish academic writings in the broad field of humanities and social sciences. Contrary to the high production costs of the printed publications, the aim of the Digital Library is to surpass the production and distribution costs of printed works. The digital, non-printed platform was conceived to enable cheaper access to the latest works of authors, originating from different fields of research disciplines. The digital publication, based on the same layout as printed books, is available to readers in two ways: as a limited edition of up to 75 copies for public libraries and as a flipbook and PDF file identical to the library edition, but also accessible on the Digital Library website.


Each of the four collections of the Digital Library are edited by a different editor. The collection Dissertationes (edited by Dr Igor Ž. Žagar) aims at publishing the latest monographs in the field of humanities and social sciences. The collection Clavis litterarum Slovenicarum (edited by Dr Jonatan Vinkler) publishes the editions of works of Slovene literature from 1550 to 1918. The collection Compendia (edited by Dr Janja Žmavc) mainly focuses on university textbooks for subjects at Slovene universities and faculties; the collection Documenta (edited by Dr Alenka Gril) publishes texts, articles, reports from scientific research.

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