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Published byBeletrina Publishing Institute
Ana Schnabl, International editor
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Versopolis is a Europe-wide project that functions as a professional network and a web-based platform,, with the aim of connecting the national poetry scenes across Europe. An annually selected group of poets will represent these scenes as they tour to partner festivals and they meet new audiences, authors and literary professionals from other countries. In accordance with the very language specific nature of poetry, Versopolis takes care of the translations of the selected poets' works. Versopolis was launched in 2014, with the website set-up and the first exchanges taking place in 2015.

Besides communicating the works of the selected poets to the festival selectors, strives to position itself – by means of a web portal – as a node for European poetry. As poetry is still quite dispersed on the web and mostly sticks within national or at least language boundaries, Versopolis aims for a more open and diverse European culture of poetry. As such, Versopolis is supported by the European Commission's Creative Europe programme.

Versopolis festivals and poets

Beletrina Publishing Institute leads and coordinates the project which currently includes 11 countries, 55 poets and 14 festivals: Ars Poetica in Bratislava (Slovakia); Genoa International Poetry Festival (Italy); Ůmeas Internationella Littfest (Sweden); Instytut Kultury Miejskiej (Poland); Ledbury Poetry Festival (Great Britain); Struški večeri na poezijata (Macedonia); Poetinis Druskininku Ruduo (Lithuania); Felix Poetry Festival (Belgium); Goranovo Prolječe (Croatia); Literature & Wine Festival in Krems (Austria); Le printemps des poètes (France), Hausacher Leselenz (Germany), Publishers' Forum NGO (Ukraine), and the Days of Poetry and Wine Festival (Slovenia), organised by Beletrina Publishing Institute.

The Versopolis platform involves the following literary/poetry festivals

Some of the poets involved are Katja Perat, Gašper Bivšek, Kristina Hočevar, Stanka Hrastar, Gorazd Kocijančič (Slovenia); Krystyna Dąbrowska (Poland); Vladimir Martinovski (Macedonia); Vytautas Stankus (Lithuania); Mária Ferenčuhová (Slovakia); David Vikgren (Sweden); Eleanor Rees (Great Britain); Cristoph W. Bauer (Austria), and Olena Huseinova, Andriy Bondar and Kateryna Kalytko (Ukraine).

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