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Contact info Pregled slovenskih palač, graščin in dvorcev
Published byGorazd Žagar

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The website provides an overview of Slovenia's castles, mansions, and palaces. The website contains photos and descriptions of 75 of these structures and their ruins in the Slovenian territory and will eventually include monasteries and churches as well. The text is compiled from Ivan Stopar's Castle Guides and has been partially translated into English and German.

The website was launched in 2004 and is frequently updated with useful information for researchers. For example, a special section is dedicated to stonecutter's marks and documents 75 of them. The web list of stonecutter's marks in Slovenia and abroad can be accessed.

For potential visitors there are also links on upcoming mediaeval events as well as information about their organisers. The founder of the site is an enthusiast with a passion for mediaeval history, who even manufactures mediaeval armour and makes presentations about mediaeval combat and martial arts.

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