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Wikivir - Slovensko leposlovje
Miran Hladnik, Head of project

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Wikivir – Slovene fiction on Wikisource – is part of the Wikisource project within the framework of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Wikisource is a free online library featuring a wealth of original publications that are collected and maintained by members of the community. The content may include works that are in the public domain or published with the permission of the authors.

The Slovene Wikivir encompasses over 4000 digital texts not included in any of the other Slovene online digital collections: Beseda, Nova beseda, Zbirka slovenskih leposlovnih besedil,, AHLib and the Intratext Digital Library. The goal of the project is to make freely accessible most of the Slovene literature and to classify it with bibliographic and library tags. The public is informed about new entries on the discussion forum SlovLit.

Two projects are currently underway within Wikivir: Slovene classical fiction and a collection of Slovene youth literature. The community comprises many students of the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education at the University of Ljubljana, who actively contribute to the editing of texts.

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