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Knaackstraße 97 (Kulturbrauerei), 10435 Berlin
Phone49 30 48 52 45 28
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Managed byLiteraturwerkstatt Berlin
Heiko Strunk, Project Manager
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Juliane Otto, International Communication
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Boris Nitzsche, Public Relations
Phone49 30 48 52 45 24
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Andrej Hočevar, LUD Literatura Web Editor, Slovenia
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The poetry portal is an ongoing creation of Literaturwerkstatt Berlin in cooperation with an international network of 42 partners. The lyrikline partner from Slovenia is LUD Literatura.

In 2014 the portal features nearly 10,000 poems of just over 1,000 poets in 62 languages with 12,905 translations. Among the poets there are around 40 Slovene authors presented with 10 poems each. Original texts are complemented with translations into German. Some poems have also been translated into English and other languages (Tomaž Šalamun's poetry has been translated into 19 languages). In November 2014, LUD Literatura added the works of two younger generation Slovene poets to the portal: Jure Jakob and Gašper Torkar. Born in 1992, the latter is the youngest poet on lyrikline.

The main feature of lyrikline is that it includes audio recordings of the poems in their original language, hence its subtitle "listen to the poet!".

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