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Mitja Doma, Developer

The website Kulturnik.si was launched in December 2013. Developed by the Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, the portal consists of a metasearch engine and features cultural news and events aggregated from various Slovene digital sources and collections related to arts and culture. Owned and supported by the Ministry of Culture, the project complements the eContents initiative (Digital Agenda for Europe) that supports interoperability and the re-use of public data in cultural sectors.

Metasearch engine

The Kulturnik metasearch engine is a search tool that enables access to 30 selected Slovene web resources (databases, websites, portals, archives) covering cultural heritage as well as all art disciplines. Once entering a search term, the comprehensive search results are obtained from all relevant resources. Lists of texts, images or video links can be filtered by resources. Among the search results you'll find content from DLib.si - Digital Library of Slovenia, COBISS - Slovene Virtual Library, the Register of Slovene cultural heritage - rkd.situla.org, the Sigledal.org - Slovene theatre portal, EKumba Database, and more.

News and events aggregator

Novice (News) gather cultural news from the RSS feeds of more than 350 sources: the websites of Slovene cultural producers and organisations, cultural blogs as well as all cultural sections of Slovene media on the web. The first part of the news is shown with an adjacent image and the link to the original site.

Dogodki (Events) are aggregated from the various sources such as the former Kulturnik, producers' online calendars and ticket sales providers. The database contains over 5000 venues throughout Slovenia.


The first cultural events aggregator was launched as Kulturnik.si as early as in 2005 by Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab for the M3C Multimedia Centres Network of Slovenia. Kulturnik was a pioneer project-in-progress, an open source database covering daily cultural events around Slovenia and "fed" by the regional multimedia centres.

The information has been aggregated from several regional web portals maintained by the members of the network and from individual events organisers and producers (for example, Gromka and K4 clubs, Kinoteka and Kinodvor cinemas, Ljubljana Festival, KUD France Prešeren ...). The former Kulturnik database covering cultural events has become a part of the new Kulturnik in 2014.

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