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The Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (MSUM) opened in November 2011 in the renovated building of the former barracks complex on Metelkova Street – a complex which has grown into a new museum quarter, encompassing also the Slovene Ethnographic Museum and the National Museum of Slovenia - Metelkova. Together with the Moderna galerija (MG) (Museum of Modern Art), the new museum forms part of MG+MSUM, the acronym for Moderna galerija plus Muzej sodobne umetnosti Metelkova. The venue presents the permanent collection of Eastern European art, while the second floor is dedicated to curatorial projects and was the venue for the U3 Triennial of Contemporary Slovene Arts.

The new building houses also the Moderna galerija library, the museum's extensive Modern art archive, a translation and publications department, and a conservation-renovation department.


The idea of the new museum of contemporary art in Ljubljana evolved out of the Arteast Collection 2000+. Moderna galerija has been building this collection of predominantly Eastern European art based on the traditions of the avant-gardes since 1995. Since 2001 many international tours and loans of individual works of the the Arteast Collection 2000+ have been organised, sending the artworks to exhibitions around Europe or to the USA (New York, Pittsburgh).

Due to a shortage of space the collection was presented publicly for the first time in June 2000 to coincide with Manifesta 3 in Ljubljana, in the not-yet renovated building of the former barracks complex on Metelkova Street.

In April 2002 the director of Moderna galerija, Zdenka Badovinac, and the curator Igor Zabel conceived the mo(nu)ment Museum of Contemporary Art - Metelkova 22 programme. The initiative was articulated in the Resolution on the National Programme for Culture for 2004–2007 where it was stated that the renovated building at Metelkova 22 would serve as an exhibition space for contemporary visual art, managed by the Moderna galerija.

Until November 2011 when the museum opened, a line of Arteast Exhibitions and some public talks were organised to promote the idea of the collection and the new museum in Ljubljana. The international exhibition Form-Specific (2003), which was staged at Metelkova 22, was followed by the 7 Sins: Ljubljana-Moscow (2004); Interrupted Histories (2006); The Arteast Collection 2000+23 (2006) (staged at the Moderna galerija building); and the Schengen Women (2008) in the ŠKUC Gallery. The public discussion "What contemporary art demands from its institutions?" and a panel discussion entitled "Museum of Contemporary Art – Instrument of Constitution?" were organised in the Moderna galerija in 2003. In June 2006 Kasper König, Carlos Basualdo, Nicolas Bourriaud, Marco de Michelis, and Peter Pakesch presented their ideas in a series of talks entitled "Between a Museum of Modern Art and a Museum of Contemporary Art at the Beginning of the 21st Century".

International collection

Another line of the international collection of the gallery is comprised of art works from the 1990s: Miroslaw Balka, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Cristina Iglesias, Anish Kapoor, Ulf Rollof, and others. The third line of the Moderna galerija international collection contains 136 works of 20th-century artists from the territories of former Yugoslavia, including important works by artists such as Jovan Bijelić, Dušan Džamonja, Oton Gliha, Ljubo Ivančić, Frano Kršinić, Petar Lubarda, Nikola Martinoski, Ivan Meštrović, Pedja Milosavljević, Miroslav Šutej, and Vladimir Veličković.

e-flux video rental (EVR)

In 2010 Moderna galerija received the entire e-flux video rental (EVR) collection as a donation. EVR is a project by Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda, comprised of a video rental store, a public screening room, and a film and video archive with over 1000 works by 500 international artists. The works in the collection have been selected since 2004 by over 100 curators from all over the world.

L'Internationale project

The founding partners of L'Internationale are five European museums and archives: Moderna galerija, Ljubljana; the Július Koller Society in Bratislava, the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) in Barcelona, the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, and the Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst in Antwerpen (M HKA). The first step of cooperation is the two-year project with the title 1957-1986. Art from the Decline of Modernism to the Rise of Globalisation by L'Internationale. The EU supported project comprises conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

In 2011 a part of the Arteast Collection 2000+ was presented at the MACBA as a Museum of Parallel Narratives exhibition. The following year the Spirits of Internationalism, a selection from the six L'Internationale institutional collections was presented at the M KHA/Van Abbemuseum.

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